Italy, now you mark the "nueve"

ROME – THE numbers they do not explain everything, but they help to understand. In the last year the national team of Mancini he has scored 29 goals in 19 official matches, of which only 3 have been scored since center forward Role: Immobile, scored twice in a row with Turkey and Switzerland at the dawn of the European Championship, and Raspadori, making his debut as a starter in blue in September with Lithuania (5-0). We do not count Konya’s brace, at the end of March with Turkey, because the attacker who grew up in Castel Maggiore had been employed as an outsider, the role of Insigne, as happened during the championship in which he began to change jobs and in the Grand Final of Wembley with Argentina. On the 9th, in the circumstance, it was the turn of Scamacca, finished in the stands at the Barbera in Palermo and even in the race as a holder up to a couple of hours from the playoff with Macedonia in place of Immobile. In the sprint Joao Pedro, the native canceled with the elimination from the World Cup in Qatar, even blew his seat on the bench.

Scamacca and Mancini's indications: Italy prepares England

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Scamacca and Mancini’s indications: Italy prepares England

The pivot is back

The coach, without leaving anyone behind or closing the doors to the senators, started from the idea that the future could belong to Scamacca. There Nations it had to be used to put him to the test and allow Gianluca as well as the other young people to confront themselves at higher levels, to gain experience and minutes. There will try again Saturday in Wolverhampton with theEngland. Al Dall’Ara made a good impact with the Germany, playing on the bank, getting the team up, protecting the ball and elbowing. It was not easy with two giants like Rudiger and Sule at the ribs. He pulled from the outside, he tried to overhead. It liked in the constructionbut did not finalize even though Italy, more vertical and in the name of tradition, had resumed moving well, creating opportunities and attacking in tight spaces, as he pointed out Mancini in the belly of Manuzzi, thanks to the insertions of Pellegrini and Barella, to the extensions found by Spinazzola (decisive as a raider to the European Championship), to the accelerations of Gnonto, to the ease of dribbling of Politano.

Find the wings

Here she is Announcements ofItaly experimental: he exploited the one on one, he sowed panic on the outside lanes. If atEuropean Berardi’s flashes and Chiesa’s tears had made the difference, in the last two matches Mancini has exploited the bands. It is no coincidence that Pellegrini’s two goals arrived almost in the same way, that is, creating superiority on the right. And the goal of Barella, now the best scorer of the current management (8 goals as Immobile and Belotti) was born from a cue from Spinazzola. We put the wings. L’Italy he is regaining fluidity of maneuver, now he has to put the number 9 in a position to score, whoever he is. Belotti’s last goal, one more fact, dates back to the friendly match against San Marino. In the last year, here is the doubt, perhaps the effect has been mistaken for the problem. The center forward of Mancini, in reality, he plays very far from the goal and always watching the midfielders. He has to sew the game, stop the ball well, talk in the strait, then turn around and go to goal. In fact, he works for external. Raspadori is the most technical, Scamacca is a pivot, Immobile flies in depth. The paradox, returning to Ciro: this Italy seems more suitable vertical, with the launches of Cristante, which not the previous one. The Lazio captain is now out due to injury, it will be evaluated (as reasons) after the summer. Mancini plans to call him back in September and the same goes for Insigne. Sure kind of experience will still serve and in the role i names are known: behind Immobile, Belotti, Scamacca and Raspadori there are no others. Gnonto, just eighteen, was snatched from the Under 19 team and was playing in Zurich. For Mancini he is an outsider. It will go waitedgrown up, managed: 9 additional out of necessity, not out of vocation.

The training of the Azzurri after the victory against Hungary

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The training of the Azzurri after the victory against Hungary

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