Italia, Mancini: 'Ripescaggio Mondiale? Ho solo detto che se ci chiamano andiamo. Lazzari e Zaccagni via dal ritiro, sorpreso anche io...'

Roberto Mancinict ofItalyspeaks at a press conference from Coverciano in view of the Nations League match with Germany: “The victory of the European Championship is part of those spells that are part of those tournaments. Now we have to start again and go back to that magic”.

BRINGING ITALY BACK TO SUCCESS WITH TRUST – “I feel it and I have never had this type of problem. In football, however, when you win everyone is with you and when you lose almost everyone against. That’s the way it is.”

WORRIED BY WHAT SEEN WITH ARGENTINA – “Against Argentina we paid for the loss of players, one after the other. We weren’t such a huge group and the injuries affected us: Argentina were better than us, they had fresher players and maybe it’s the first game in three and a half years where we find a team that has put us under, even if we made two mistakes on goals in the first half. It takes time, we don’t invent players and we know that we will have to suffer enough. “

RATIONAL APPROACH TO THE WORLD RECOVERY? – “I said that if they catch us up we’ll go … But I don’t know the reasons and I haven’t talked about possibilities. These are things we have seen a few times, but I just said that if they catch us up we go there: if they catch us up , for a reason that I don’t know what it is, I said we go there since we are the best team in the ranking among the unqualified “.

TEAM COMPLETELY CHANGED? – “Yes, even 20 out of 20 players. Many left, even physically they needed to recover and were not in a position to play four games. I would have created problems for them by September, they need to recover: they gave too much in these two years and they deserved some physical recovery “.

ZACCAGNI AND LAZZARI AWAY FROM THE RETREAT – “They surprised me too: I thought they were fine, but they told me yesterday they had problems and we sent them home”.

HOW TO ADDRESS CHANGE AND NATIONS LEAGUE – “We face the two strongest teams of the moment, Germany and England. They are really among the best, they have great players and by changing a lot we take a lot of risks. These are games that, if they go well in terms of play, could be a good start. “.

GERMANY – “For me Italy-Germany is the match of 1982: I was a boy and in the list of 40 who could go to the World Cup, even though I was so young. is that “.

WHAT WILL YOU RELY ON TO REBUILD – “Now we have called those who are physically there too: several of them have been playing in Serie A for some time, some have not, but they are in a position to be able to play these matches. The common thread is the same: looking for players with quality, speed, who they will not be like Verratti and Jorginho who played in certain teams and therefore it will take a little longer. If we can give some minutes to these guys who have never played in the national team, and see them integrated well, it would be better. Then in March maybe we also find some of those who are not available today “.

GOAL PROBLEM – “Of course it worries us. In football to win you have to score and you have to find strikers who are not in Italy at the moment. If the only two are still Belotti and Immobile, and the only one who has scored in Serie A is Scamacca and he does not have an international match, he worries us. The hope is that those who are in Serie B will be able to reach Serie A quickly, play and score. Our hope is this. “

WHAT GERMANY EXPECTS – “The most important thing will be to defend well and attack better. We face one of the strongest teams with Brazil, Argentina, France … He is technical, very fast when he counterattacks, he comes to press. Complete and mature at 100%: he will be between the favorites for the World Cup victory in Qatar. We must defend all together and attack and press as we did for three and a half years: we did it for three and a half years with players who didn’t seem able to do it, yet they have done”.

NEW CYCLE FROM TOMORROW OR FROM SEPTEMBER? – “No, no. The restart is from now: this does not mean that there is not today there will not be in the future, on the contrary. But the new cycle starts again from tomorrow”.

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