Italia, Mancini: ‘Vogliamo vincere il Mondiale 2026. Scamacca è pronto, Balotelli? Pensiamo ai giovani'

The national team coach Wolverhampton spoke at a press conference Roberto Mancini addressed the issues relating to tomorrow’s match against England:

“It will be a tough game, like all the games that are played against England. We have not yet decided who will play, we will see after tonight’s training. It is true for Gnonto and the others, especially for those who have played two games in a row. “.

STOP POINTS – “If we could manage not to upset everything, it would be better. But I’ll give you an example: Cristante played two games in four days and there is another in three days. We don’t have too many choices there, we have him, Esposito and perhaps Locatelli.”

WORDS KANE – “He put us among the favorites for the World Cup… I think he was wrong. I think…”

ADVANCE THE CYCLE – “It was an impossible thing to do. We won the European Championship and exactly after a month and a half we started playing. That was the team that had also started the World Cup qualifiers and apart from Chiellini and Bonucci they are all boys under 30 years old. Palermo? We shot 40 times … Unfortunately it is so, it is useless to go back to it. There was no time nor logic. It is not that we had players aged 32-33 on the field, they were all 27-28 players years”.

REVENUE – “It could also be, but it is a different match from a final. Then you play here, where the national team usually does not play, and also behind closed doors. It will be another thing. This is a completely different match. ‘England like Germany or Argentina have many top players, it is difficult to name just one “.

SCAMACCA – “Yes, he should be the center forward.”

ABSENCE FANS – “I don’t know, I don’t honestly remember what happened at Wembley. Football is certainly better with the fans.”

ACKNOWLEDGMENT TO WEMBLEY’S HEROES RETURN – “Now let’s see how the situation evolves, if I were to get to San Siro that we are first and second and we play for the qualification, someone will come back even earlier, but many of them will also be very useful for the European qualifiers. They can help these guys: Let’s see how it goes. We also run the risk of some defeats, it can be there. We’ll see how it will be in September, but these guys here with some of the Europeans make a good team in my opinion. “

Chancellors – “He is young and important, he just needs to play because he is a quality footballer”.

BALOTELLI – “I love Mario very much and if he had done what he was capable of doing in recent years he would have also come back. Maybe I could have thought about it for the November match against Switzerland, when there were 10-12 injured. But .. . In football anything can happen but we must focus on young people, in the European Championship and the 2026 World Cup that we will try to win. “

YOUNG – “They have been with us for 20 days and we would like to make them all debut, if there is the possibility”.

FINAL ADDITION – “I wanted to say good luck to Gattuso, because an absolutely ridiculous situation was being created around him. He starts again from Valencia and I am convinced he will do great things. It has nothing to do with it but I wanted to say it.”

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