Italia, Mancini l'uomo dei record, ma più negativi che positivi. Gravina è colpevole, Ventura e Prandelli almeno si dimisero

Forward, or worse back, so Roberto Mancini will go down in the history of the national team as the man of records, unfortunately more negative than positive. There was before the European title against England, won after three draws out of four knockout games in the 90s‘, which seems much further away than a year ago. P.There was the low point for our football, with the defeat at home to Fruit salad del Nord, who denied us participation in the World Cup, after having drawn four out of five races on the way to qualification, in this case without the possibility of winning in extra time or penalties. And now, at the end of this very unfortunate season, the humiliating defeat at the home of Germany has arrivedwho had never beaten us in an official match, with five goals to the passive as had happened the last time when Mancini was not yet born, in 1957 against Yugoslavia. Stuff to be ashamed ofthinking back to the fresh game lesson suffered from Argentina who had beaten us 3-0 earlier this month.

Mancini, however, has the courage to say that he saw positive signs even after losing 5-2, but above all he had the courage not to resign the night Italy lost against North Macedonia. So it’s easy to think back to the resignations of coach Prandelli and federal president Abete, after leaving the national team in the first round of our last World Cup played in 2014 in Brazil. Or, to get closer to the penultimate pre-world rejection of 2017, it is easy to think of the moral lynching suffered by the coach Ventura and the federal president Tavecchio that after the 0-0 against Sweden they were swept away by criticism, with the not slight difference that Sweden is worth more than North Macedonia and above all that Buffon and his team-mates at the time had finished second in the group, behind the already favorite Spain and not little Switzerland.

Yet today Mancini is firmly in his place and with him the president Gravina, who does not go on the pitch like his predecessors Abete and Tavecchio but with respect to them he is to blame for having offered Mancini a contract until 2026, not after the success in the European Championship as a prize, but before that, in a poke. This means that Mancini, regardless of the engagement, was guaranteed to lead the national team in four events, European 2021, World 2022, European 2024 and World 2026, as never happened to any other coach in the past, not even Bearzot and Lippi who had won a World Cup. This was the serious mistake of Gravina, who after the defeat against North Macedonia was forced to confirm Mancini for obvious budgetary issues, while the coach did not have the good taste to at least pretend to resign, for fear of lose the millions of the contract.

At this point, if he does not receive a better economic offer from a club, Italian or more likely a foreign one, Mancini will remain in his place. but if he continues with his experiments he will hardly get any other successes. It is true that there are too many foreigners in our leagueamong other things of uncertain quality and too few Italians, especially young ones, but a national team cannot rebuild itself by throwing newcomers all the time, many of whom have never played in Serie A. Zaniolo may be the exception not the rule to be followed indefinitely, especially in a team that changes constantly and more generally in an extra-large staff of 30 or more called up at a time, which certainly does not favor the union and especially the attachment to the shirt.

The paradox is represented by the fact that it is now easier to make the list of the few players never called than of those aggregated at least once. The sad moral is that we are out of the World Cup and we will have to suffer to qualify for the next European Championship. Because in football you cannot look back and rest on your laurels, as our history teaches us from the World Cup won in 1982 to that of 2006.. And as the history of others teaches, because Denmark in 1992 and Greece in 2004 also won a European championship but then stopped there.

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