Italia, Mancini: 'Scamacca deve imparare a muoversi. Perdere Insigne? Vediamo cosa succede nel campionato americano...'

The technical commissioner of the Italian national team, Roberto Mancinispoke at a press conference on the eve of the match against Germany, scheduled for tomorrow evening at 8:45 pm in Moenchengladbach. It will be the fourth match of the Azzurri in the Nations League group. Thus the coach presented tomorrow’s opponents: “They play well, I think maybe even better than in the past. They have so many talented players, they are like the English. They hold the field, they stand tall, they press. Technically, they have excellent ball possession. They are one of the best teams. “

THANKS FROM CLUBS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE – “This is not important, it is essential that even the youngest, in these 25 days, have trained with more experienced players. They can be improved in terms of personality.”

ON THE EXPERIMENTAL NATIONAL – “I thought they could do a little more effort, still be players who have done little together, they were at the first times. The personality of the younger players. I think it was positive, we did a good job but there is a lot to do. When we are dominant, as with the other team, and fluid in the realization phase we will be a step forward. There are many good things though. ”

ON THE INTERNSHIPS – “It can be an important thing, it is possible to get to know them more closely. When we play we are all the other unders. Seeing those guys for three days gave us the opportunity to understand who could be more ready. We left several behind. Someone could being here with us, others will be in the future. When I was a boy and I played in Bologna and then in Sampdoria, there were always stages, Under16, Under17 and Under18, I don’t know when they were removed. “

ON TRAINING – “I think I’ll get fresh players, he’s the last one and it’s not easy. Scamacca? Let’s see his physical condition, when he came out he was destroyed. Let’s see how he is. Luiz Felipe can become important, Caprari has been out for 15 days but I hope to make his debut. both of them”.

ON SCAMACCA AND THE GOAL ISSUE – “The median must be very offensive, when there is a player covering the others must attack. Against Hungary they did it often, with England a little less. Even if we had the ball with Tonali. Scamacca he must learn to move, be connected with the team, given the physique he must push up. He must begin to decide, in the penalty area, understanding where the ball can go. The intuition of the attacker. If he is still in the area it is difficult arrives. Must have intuition. ”

ON THE FUTURE OF INSIGNE – “I don’t know that. It will depend on how he is and what happens here. He has given us so much, he is a great player, it depends on what happens in the American championship.”

SCAVINI OWNER? – “He is very good, he can play in two roles, he is technical, he has a good body. He must gain experience, he will become a great player.”

15 POSITIVE DAYS – “For me good days, first to work. Then I saw some guys who can have a great future. The team did excellent things. After Argentina I was sorry, but it was the first time since France where we didn’t play well and lost rightly. They were better and they won. Two games in four years can also be there. “

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