Italy, Mancini on the forfeit of Zaccagni and Lazzari: "I'm not disappointed"

COVERCIANO – The double lump sum of Lazzari and Zaccagni With the’Italy busy preparing the debut in Nations League.. To put a point on the situation, the coach intervened Roberto Macnini to the microphones of Rai Sport: “I have to stick to what the boys tell me if they are not well. We have had six or seven injuries in this retreat and I also have to accept what the players tell me. If I am not in a position to play we cannot take risks. I think that the national team, for everyone, but especially for the youngest, must truly be a point of arrival where they can confirm themselves and become great players who make a piece of football history together with the national team. Disappointed by certain attitudes? No, these things happen, there are injuries, you have to accept what the kids tell us “.

Italy, Zaccagni and Lazzari out of retirement: the Lazio press release

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Italy, Zaccagni and Lazzari out of retirement: the Lazio press release

Italy-Germany, Mancini reveals the 11th owner

In the meantime, everything is ready for tonight’s match against Germany in Bologna. The Italian coach well in advance, Roberto Mancini, revealed the 11 holder who will take the field against the men of Flick. Donnarumma in goal, defense with from right to left Florenzi, Acerbi, Bastoni, Biraghimidfield with Frattesi, Cristante and Tonali and in attack Politano, Scamacca and Pellegrini. The novelty is the debut of the Sassuolo midfielder, with Mancini adding: “He has been playing in the league for some time, he has already been with us. He is a complete midfielder, who must grow, he must gain international experience but he is a player with important characteristics, flexible. Italy must play its game, must try to playing football and putting the Germans in difficulty, who are an extraordinary team, but we must try to play our game and try to restart well “.

  Relaxed Italy before Germany.  And how much Gnonto runs ...

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Relaxed Italy before Germany. And how much Gnonto runs …

Mancini, 50th presence on the blue bench

For the “Mancio” it will also be the 50th presence on the blue bench: “Let’s say it could have been a little better as a party. I think fifty appearances are a lot for a coach, I’m glad, there are 50 and we should also celebrate a little. Bologna also brought us luck when we started with the three-year Nations League because we played at the Dall’Ara against Poland. We hope it will bring us luck also in this case. Tonight it will be a little different game but we will try to do some good things. “ Then a look to the future: “It will take some time. We can’t think of solving everything in a few months, then in football things are special, sometimes weird. No one long ago believed in the team and yet that chemistry was created between players that changed things. a little patience and unfortunately risk losing a few games. Italy has always had players who have made some football history. “

Italy, now the Nations League: Mancini listens to De Rossi

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Italy, now the Nations League: Mancini listens to De Rossi

Mancini and the elimination from the World Cup

The bad memory of Palermo still remains alive, but Mancini is confident: “We have won four World and two European Championships. There are nations that have incredible players who have not won anything and who will continue to win nothing in the next few years. World and European Championships. We have had some difficulties for a few years because unfortunately the number of Italians playing in the league has dropped compared to 15 years ago, but despite this we always manage to come up with something “. “It is true that after a great victory there was a great disappointment, but until 2024 we will be European champions – goes on Manciniat the World Cup there will be teams that have players among the best at the moment but who will not win in the end. Despite all the difficulties, if we manage to do our best and work well, even with all the problems we have, we will be able, as always, to come up with something “. Failure to qualify a Qatar2022 still burns, especially when you think about failed opportunities: “In Basel the match had to end with a large gap and it would all be over, we had two penalties with Switzerland, but this is football. Unfortunately we didn’t deserve to go out, but you have to know how to accept this too, that’s how it is part of the a sportsman “. Mancini concludes: “Talks with the president Gravina? We don’t need to talk all the time. We think the same way, there is work to be done, we are all a little disappointed with what happened in March but we can’t do anything about it. It has already happened, so we need to think about the future. It is not easy, but we will do our best. I always trust young people because they are full of surprises and I like that. “

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