Italy, Mancini launches Gnonto holder: a goal for history

CESENA – At a distance of just a hundred kilometers, 72 hours after the night in Bologna, the flashes, the interviews and the sudden explosion of popularity, Willy Gnonto you take Italy. The ct Mancini does not leave, on the contrary doubles and insists, enchanted by the courage and the change of pace of the Zurich star. The decision is made. He will play tonight in Cesena from the first minute. It’s time for him. It is right to insist, to test it, to verify its tightness. Marco’s Hungary defenders will try to chase him Rossi, former defender of Turin and Sampdoria. Kehrer and the Germans from Flick were struck by Wilfried’s shot, decisive with his dribbling and assist to Lorenzo Pellegrini. He lit up in front of Germany, brought each time as an example for the ability to launch young people (like Musiala) in big clubs and in the national team.

Record hunting

Gnonto had entered in Politano’s place. He made the difference on the right wing, tied to the ground with a low center of gravity, very fast, able to escape under acceleration. Two legs like trunks, muscular explosiveness combined with good technique, ability to protect the ball. That’s why Sterling, star of the City and the England national team, is his idol. He plays and knows how to move in any position on the attack front. Mancini prefers it for outdoor use. He will make his debut as a starter. If he managed to score, at 18 years and 215 days he would become the youngest scorer in the history of the national team. As reported by Opta, the record belongs to Bruno Nicolé, who scored in 1958 with France: he was 18 years and 259 days old.

Bologna moves

Dad Noel and mom Chantal this time will get excited in front of the TV. Yesterday they left their friends from Baveno, a fraction of Verbania, to return to Zurich. Work was calling, they didn’t expect him to play again. Destiny is taking shape on the Via Emilia. The tale of Gnonto was born at the Dall’Ara and who knows if Bologna will welcome it back in a few months. Mancini launched him and Serie A woke up. It was inevitable. The consequence is logical: he will change the market of the child prodigy of Ivorian origin, hitherto concentrated between the Bundesliga (Friborg and Hoffenheim interested) and Eredivisie (Ajax and Psv). Sassuolo was known. Carnevali has put it on the list as an alternative in case Raspadori leaves. In the last few hours there has been the inclusion of Saputo and Sartori, the new diesse, of Bologna. Gnonto is tempting: Zurich is asking for 7 million, but it is due in 2023 and can be taken for less. Sure the Nations League could keep the price up. Mancini studies it. The experts in Switzerland report him as a wild card to “break” the game. He would be less devastating when he plays from the start. In the Super League he has totaled 59 appearances (with 9 goals and 7 assists): only 12 times was he used as a starter, in the other 47 he took over, leaving his mark as at Dall’Ara. Not just features. He counts the age. He has not yet turned 19. He has to play, play, play …

Mancini praises Gnonto:

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Mancini praises Gnonto: “He plays football like few others”

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