Italia-Ungheria, le pagelle di CM: classe Pellegrini, cuore Barella. Papu Gnonto, Politano col turbo. Rossi all'italiana, delude Szoboszlai



Donnarumma 6.5: grits his teeth and plays as a captain, good and punctual in rescues, – two on Sallai and one on Szoboszlai. The only player on the pitch in three out of three games, Italy from Wembley is in his hands, for better or for worse.

Calabria 6: bold and full of spirit on the right, he dares some offensive raids and defends with confidence.

Mancini 5.5: close to scoring with a nice header, great attention in defense and fundamental recoveries, but the own goal that puts Hungary back into play is tragicomic.

Sticks 6: less punctual than usual in the outings, he touches the goal of doubling and pushes forward with constancy.

Spinazzola 6.5: flashes of European “Spina”, in the descent and in the assist for Barella, but also in the movements and in the race. How we missed him! (from 75 ‘ Dimarco 6: enters and does not skid, also proposing itself in the offensive phase).

Pilgrims 7.5: of class, mind and effort. Too altruistic in serving Gnonto on the first occasion for the doubling, which however he realizes shortly after on an assist from Politano. Second goal after that to Germany, Italy must restart from his 10, the man of greatest technical caliber. (from 66 ‘ Locatelli 6: touches the trio in the final, he must recover condition and safety).

Cristante 6: fight in the middle of the field, you see little but you hear a lot.

Stretcher 7: eighth goal in the national team with a fireball from the edge, a trademark, as well as the usual yellow for too much impetuosity. But the heart and the determination of the player are one unicum irreplaceable in this Italy. (from 84 ‘ Tonali sv)

Politano 7: willing but not very precise initially, at a certain point he wakes up and puts the turbo, serving a chocolate to Pellegrini for the double, before breaking the bar with a nice left-handed from outside. (from 75 ‘ Belotti sv)

Gnonto 6.5: imagination and speed, like water in the desert for Mancini’s Italy. Sometimes in the movements it seems the Papu Gomez, misses the 2-0 goal by a little but dribbles and runs with passion.

Raspadori 6.5: varied a lot on the offensive front and illuminates with some fine plays, he can be the right attacker for games in which the mark is not needed but a striker capable of dialogue and favoring his teammates. Alone, however, is not enough. (from 84 ‘ Zerbin sv)

All. Mancini 6.5: Rome was not built in a day and neither was Italy. Starting again after the European hangover and the world blow is not and will not be easy, but he is the right man to do it.


Dibusz 6: denies the advantage to Mancini, touches the ball on Barella’s goal and saves what he can. Undoubtedly among the least guilty of the department.

Lang 5: good first quarter of an hour, then it goes out and is systematically overtaken by the quick exchanges of the Azzurri attackers.

Orban 6: unbeatable for half an hour, the best of the three behind. And in the second half he also tries a corner kick, but his conclusion ends up in the arms of Donnarumma.

At. Szalai 5: he gets a tunnel from Politano on the second goal, he never gives a feeling of safety to his teammates.

Neg 6: save a goal scored by anticipating Gnonto with an empty net, nothing can soon afterwards on Pellegrini. He stems the problems on his side (from 58 ‘Fiola 6: enters and has the merit of putting in the middle an apparently harmless cross that Mancini sensationally transforms into an own goal).

A. Nagy 4,5: the Pisa midfielder would be the man of order, but it is definitely not in the evening. Void in the double phase (from 58 ‘ Styles 6: gives another intensity to the department).

Schafer 5.5: like his teammate in the department, he is only known for a hint in the second half that leads to a conclusion by Sallai (from 87 ‘ Vancsa sv).

Z. Nagy 5: if Nego limits the damage on the right, he on the left just suffers. Politano and Calabria do what they want (from 81 ‘ Bubble sv).

Sallai 6: he is the most active of his players, engages Donnarumma in the first half and twice in the second half.

Szoboszlai 5.5: a quick start in the first half and nothing more. Even when he can exhibit his qualities he does not shine, like on the free kick he kicks badly on the barrier in the first half.

To. Szalai 5: isunny, served little and badly. But even when he gets the ball he doesn’t manage it in the best way, nullifying a couple of situations that could become dangerous (from 87 ‘Adam sv).

Annex Rossi 6: his Hungary staggers but does not skid sensationally. On the eve he stressed that in an iron group like the one in which it happened a bit of luck was needed, Hungary has the merit of attracting a pinch of good luck by resisting in complicated moments and collects the own goal of Mancini who reopens the game when it seemed to be able to close definitively. Difficult to ask for more or another company after the one with England, but this national team is confirmed as a difficult team for the big Europeans.

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