Italia-Germania le pagelle di CM: Frattesi a tutto campo, Scamacca si veste 'da Dzeko'. Esordio da sogno per Gnonto

Italy-Germany 1-1

Donnarumma 6: Attentive and precise in his interventions, he makes almost nothing wrong, even with his feet. Not guilty of the goal.
Florenzi 6: Decisive on several occasions in coverage on Sané, he could push harder and help Politano.
Unripe 5.5: Allows Sticks to break free by covering on Werner and doubling on the outside. He plays more free than central, but he too sleeps too much on the German goal.
Sticks 6: Careful behind, until Kimmich’s goal a few smears in tackling and doubling, then he is mocked by Havertz’s cut that generates the equal goal.
Biraghi 5: Gnabry first, then Havertz and even the German low wielders always manage to break through from his side. Too many times he gets into trouble in 1v1 (from 80 ‘Dimarco 6: a bucking offensive of his own, and a left to forget. He tries with personality)
Tonals 6: He is expected to perform as a driving force as happened to Milan at the end of the season, but he alternates great interventions with others that are more imprecise. He leaves Frattesi the honor of pushing, but often limits himself too much and it is he who does not follow Kimmich’s cut on 1-1 (from 80 ‘Pobega sv)
Cristante 5.5: Muller fences him and is often excluded from the blue lines of play. In front of the defense it is an indispensable screen, but it can do more.
Frattesi 6.5: He takes the place of Barella and replaces him in the best possible way, often coming to the limit and also often trying to finish. He is the most into the ball of the midfielders and it shows, despite being only on his debut in Azzurro (from 85 ‘Ricci sv).
Politano 6.5: He always attacks the depth vertically, almost always reaching the bottom to cross. He calls the ball and is not afraid of having it at his feet, personality (from 65 ‘Gnonto 6.5 A ball played, an assist found. The acceleration with which he finds the bottom is creepy and he is very good at finding Pellegrini on the far post)
Scamacca 6.5: On balance in attack he is left alone, but he manages to withstand the impact without sinking and also transforms himself into an offensive director like “dzeko”. Perhaps a bit hasty and imprecise in some choices, but in the end he also catches a great pole from nowhere (from 85 ‘Cancellieri sv)
Pilgrims 6.5: Lots of good plays, a great job of linking midfield and attack, but in the decisive moment it is often too smoky. Thanks Gnonto for the easiest of goals.
Mancini 6.5: Compared to Argentina he has courage and changes a lot, however, giving space to young people who are not improvised, but are prepared for the task for which they are called into question. Like others in his place, when we start again, the main attention goes more to the defensive phase than to the push one.

Neuer 6: practically never engaged in the first half, he blows on Scamacca’s ball which hits the post on his right. No problem, in the second half, on the turn of the same striker Roma school, little to do on the goal.
Henrichs 5.5: he shows himself proactive right from the start, the first dangerous ball for Goretzka comes from his feet. On his side, Scamacca finds fertile ground to expand. He drops with the passing of the minutes, he shows up again in the second half with a nice low ball for Werner who fails to shoot.
(from 59 ‘ Hofmann 5.5: It does not go badly, but forgets to squeeze on a very solitary Pellegrini on the cross from Gnonto, and Germany concedes a goal. He partially redeems himself with a good assist to Kimmich who touches the brace)
Rüdiger 6: excellent in the closures, both on the midfielders who are inserted and on the in-depth movements of Scamacca, who mocked him in a somewhat lucky way on the occasion of the pole. For the rest he keeps a good guard in the duel with the Sassuolo striker
Sule 5.5: with the game stopped he performs a nice slide on Pellegrini in the area, the first salient action of his game. At the beginning of the second half Scamacca slips between him and Rudiger and almost puts Italy ahead. The center forward draws him away from Pellegrini on the occasion of the goal.
Kehrer 5: towards minute 20 Florenzi runs away, luckily for him without consequences, then he has to recover carefully on a nice cut by Frattesi close to the half hour. Gnonto gives Gnonto the debut of dreams by allowing him the cross from the right too easily, confirms the negative season after so much bench at PSG.
Goretzka 5.5: loses a playing time at the edge of the area to go to Henrichs’ invitation shot, it was a great opportunity. The aim is a bit lacking, some shots from distance go far out. Excellent dribbling in the strait that leads to the most occasional for Gnabry, but perhaps even in that case he could shoot earlier. Contains Tonali with difficulty on Scamacca’s touch, even risking a foul.
(from 69 ‘Gundogan 6: He shows himself with a central shot controlled by Donnarumma, brings phosphorus and fluidity to the German maneuver)
Kimmich 7: composed in handling the ball even in complicated situations, such as when he heads Neuer on a cross from the right. He has some difficulties when he has to face Pellegrini and Frattesi without the ball, but he always gets along somehow. In the right place at the right time when it comes to putting things back on track with a good insertion. He nearly scored twice, forcing Donnarumma to make a complicated save.
Gnabry 6.5: a little inaccurate in the start, the chain with Henrichs does not work perfectly in the first few minutes. Then he manages to dribble on Biraghi and call Donnarumma at the first save of the match. In the final of the first fraction he literally devours a penalty in motion after a rebound that had favored him. Of course, at least he is active compared to Sané and creates opportunities. And he forces Tonali to yellow with a gallop on the counterattack.
(from 80 ‘Raum sv)
Müller 6: but a good opportunity around the middle of the first half, he finds Florenzi rejected with a not irresistible shot from the edge of the area. He is skilled in fishing Goretzka in the area with a touch below instead of attempting a shot in low light. He floats among the departments, waiting for the right moment to strike, which never comes. Useful in the service of his companions, whose aim is not perfect today.
(from 69 ‘Havertz 6: Enter the action of the draw with a winning tackle of strength, right change for Flick)
Sané 5: never triggered by his teammates who play very right, underdeveloped by the more defensive characteristics of teammate Kehrer, but not even he does much to get to the heart of the game. Evanescent.
(from 59 ‘ Musiala 6: slipper badly from an excellent position with the right, he does not enter very well but does not do worse than the one he replaced, and above all he manages to receive the ball continuously. A nice support for Gundogan who pulls in the middle)
Werner 5.5: he has the space in the national team that he lacks for various reasons in Chelsea, but even against a bewildered Italy he cannot find the right flicker. Better when he plays the role of man-assist, slipping away and escaping the grip of the central players, or dampening and stopping the ball there for Kimmich’s platter which is worth the same.

Att. Flick 5.5: Havertz, Gundogan and Musiala accelerated the maneuver, but it was not enough to get over Italy, even in a moment of great crisis like this. Even at the beginning of the second half his team clearly suffers the blue pressure. It is really true that we are the black beast of the Germans …

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