Italia, Cristante: 'Ci siamo portati dietro la delusione Mondiale. La magia tornerà solo con duro lavoro e vittorie'

Bryan Cristantemidfielder of the Rome andItalyspeaks at a press conference from Coverciano in view of the Nations League match with Germany: “In these eleven months there has been a huge disappointment in the middle, even if we wanted to, we brought it back to the match against Argentina. We should always reset after such a great race, but it’s not always easy. The biggest difference was there. “

HOW TO TACKLE THESE FOUR GAMES – “We want to start again, these are difficult matches and we know it, but we also know we are an excellent team: here we always work 100%, to the maximum, we just have to find that chemistry that had distinguished us, that’s all”.

CHANGING THE WAY OF PLAYING IN MIDFIELD – “I think a little bit of everything is possible, we have strong players and we are not the latest arrivals. It will depend on how the coach decides to set up the various games, we can be a little more physical or continue playing in a technical way. a path, we work to get to the next European in the best possible way “.

GIVE THE TURN – “This year I think I have had a very good season. Playing certain matches in the European Championship gives you a higher self-esteem which then helps you during the championship: the European matches raise the bar, the more you have in their legs the more the a player’s level grows “.

GERMANY – “They are very strong. We have to play a great match, it’s the only solution against such a strong team. We have to start this new path, we have to start from there.”

WHAT YOU NEED TO FIND THE MAGIC – “The magic comes with hard work and with victories, there are no other solutions. We have a lot of time to get to the next important competition, we start from the Nations League and we must immediately work hard and then put everything we try to play on the pitch. Coverciano. Only in this way can the victories that always help us feel better can return “.

FINAL OF TIRANA APOTEOSI OF THE ITALIAN GAME – “Do you need a change similar to that of Roma? You always have to be ambitious, sure that solidity helps a lot. We were also ambitious on this path and the best thing is to have balance, you can’t just aim for defensive solidity, to win in Europe having the ball is essential. The right answer is somewhere in between. “

WHO HAS HIT NEWS – “I arrived on the 29th and we left immediately for London. For the little I saw, they are all good: just a little experience is missing”.

SENATOR OF ITALY – “If I feel like one of the starters? As we said throughout the course of the European Championship, the strength is to have more than eleven starters. For a national team that meets a few times a year it is important to have more than eleven starters, you need 18 that they can give the maximum contribution for this national team “.

ROLE – “Where would I like to play? Between mezzala, double play or play, I feel good in all areas of the midfield. It is limiting to want to do this or that. Here in the national team I have always played in a more advanced position, the last with Turkey I played a little further back. As long as I’m in midfield, I can play in both positions. “

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM ROME FOR THE NEXT SEASON – “We have to take a next step, we are in the Europa League and we have to aim to get to the bottom in this competition as well. In the league we have played for fourth place up to a certain point and next year we absolutely want to be among the top four. the seasons are long, this year we played 55 games and it will take a very large squad to play both competitions to the maximum. But that must be the initial goal. “

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