Italiano: "Viola Park will change Fiorentina's future"

FLORENCE “To relax I don’t usually go around on foot, but Florence forces you to go and discover all its most fantastic corners. It is a spectacular city. Wherever you go there is something to admire, to observe and then you can also eat very well “. The coach of the FiorentinaVincenzo Italian this is how he tells his adventure in Florence, guest of “Day Off”, broadcast on Dazn: the program, hosted by Diletta Leottatells of a day off the pitch of a Serie A protagonist: “Piazzale Michelangelo – continues Italian – it is a special place for me because it is where my adventure started in Florence, we made the presentation of the team at the restaurant La Loggia from which you can see the whole city, it is a magical place. I’m used to living in beautiful cities, Verona And Padua they are beautiful but Florence is something unique and incredible. I am amazed when I go to the center, there is not a corner where you cannot admire the history, art and beauty “. A beauty that for Italian should marry with a football idea: “I have always said that the beauty of Florence deserves a courageous team, a team that offers football that can entertain people and that can reflect the beauty of this city. In my opinion we managed to show something beautiful to our fans, we managed to awaken the enthusiasm of the Florentines. “ And about the love of the fans, Italian speaks like this: “The viola for the Florentines is a reason for living. A Florence people are “sick” of this team and it’s beautiful. They often tell me that little girls called “Viola” continue to be born and the mood of the city depends on Fiorentina’s performance. It’s nice to meet the fans on the street because we have awakened this team and people see it, they congratulate you, it’s a great satisfaction.“.

Fiorentina in Europe: Duncan and Gonzalez fold Juventus

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Fiorentina in Europe: Duncan and Gonzalez fold Juventus

Life beyond football

Vincenzo Italian admits not to have “never imagined anything other than football. Every now and then I think about it and wonder to myself” but is it possible not to have any other passion apart from football? “. Every now and then I dedicate myself to spearfishing, because it is a tradition of where I come from and when I do I forget about everything else. But it happens a few times because we are always very busy “. Another passion is the culinary one: “I like cooking very much – tells Italian – da good Sicilian I like to eat well even if I’m not good at cooking. But now that I’m no longer a footballer, I have to control even more what I eat. To Stefano Pegs before a game I confessed that I no longer eat carbohydrates because I had gained a few extra pounds for a while after I stopped playing“.

From player to manager

“I have been a midfielder for many years – remembers the technician of Fiorentinaand in a certain sense already that role or that area of ​​the pitch in my opinion prepares you to become a coach. Little by little this vocation has grown within me “. Now as a coach, “Match days are the most difficult days for me, since the morning I wonder if the line-up I play will work and it’s something you only know after the match is over. It’s a very complex role, you have to put your all into it. same and you have many responsibilities but for me it is the best job in the world. To be a coach you have to put your heart into it, it is a cornerstone of my work. We live to make proud the fans who are attached to their colors“.

The relationship with defeat

Italian then he talks about his relationship with the defeat: “When I was a kid, on the pitches in Ribera they used to say” whoever loses, gets out. “Even as a child I didn’t like this concept and I have carried it with me until now. Every game for me is not just a” battle “against the opponent but with the very concept of losing. When you experience so many defeats, the atmosphere in the locker room changes, the enthusiasm and concentration drop so you have to avoid defeat at all costs. When you win there are lots of smiles, lots of adrenaline and lots of important performances , you have to maintain concentration and focus on one goal, that of winning “.

The reference points: Malesani and Commisso

To become a coach, there was an important figure in the Italian past: “Alberto Malesani he was a great source of inspiration for my choice to become a coach. It was important both on and off the pitch. In 2001 he was already proposing avant-garde football and a lot of my methodology is based on what he taught me at Verona. And in Florence, the relationship with the patron: “Rocco Commisso he is a very attentive President, he deeply loves the Fiorentina and it is always present. She follows everything even from afar and her support is very important to me “. Commisso has an ambitious project: “The Viola Park it’s the president’s idea Commisso and in my opinion it will be a sports center that will give a great sense of team to all formations. From the youth teams, to the first team up to the women’s team, this place will become a real home for the Viola. The attachment to the shirt will grow a lot and this will change the future of the Fiorentinahe concluded Italian.

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