Italian paragliding titles in South Tyrol and Milan


Joachim Oberhauser from Termeno from South Tyrol and Silvia Buzzi Ferraris from Milan are the new Italian flying champions in paragliding. They happen to themselves, having won identical titles in 2020, while in 2021 the championship did not take place, due to the well-known health events.

The competition took place in four heats with take-off from Monte Avena. From here 115 pilots took off to land in the Boscherai area in the municipality of Pedavena (Belluno) where the operational center of the organization managed by the Aero Club Feltre and the Para & Delta Club Feltre was located.

The routes, ranging from 56 to 71 km, have now flown over Valbelluna, now Sedico, Villabruna, Seren del Grappa, the entrance to Val Canzoi, Sorazei, Cesio Maggiore, but also the foothills when a start, for weather reasons, it was moved to Monte Grappa with landing in Semonzo (Treviso).

Local pilots such as Denis Soverini, Ivan Centa, Alessio Antonio Voltan, the Vicenza Manuel Grandi, the Trentino Chrisian Biasi from Rovereto tried to undermine the primacy of Oberhauser, but also the Sicilian Marco Busetta and the Polish Marek Robel because the formula open allowed the participation of a fierce patrol of pilots from a dozen foreign countries competing for the XXXVII Guarnieri Trophy. In the end the ranking, after Oberhauser, awarded Denis Soverini and Chrisian Biasi in order

In the women’s field behind Silvia Buzzi Ferraris, in her fifteenth title, Martina Centa and Giulia Solda ‘, both from Veneto, classified. On the other hand, in the Guarnieri Trophy, the second place went to the Hungarian Katalin Juhasz and the third to Klaudia Bulgakow (Poland).

In the “serial” category, that is, less performing paragliders than the “competition” pilots used by the pilots mentioned above, yet another victory for Alberto Castagna from Cologno Monzese, CT of the 2019 world champion Italian national team, when Joachim Oberhauser won the individual title and the which also included Busetta, Buzzi Ferraris and Biasi. Behind him Gerald Demetz and Mauro Maggiolo.

In the “sport” category, reserved for rookie drivers, Elias Goller, Andrea Carloni and Giulia Solda ‘were photographed on the podium, in order.

Next appointment for the paragliding flight from 25 July to 6 August in Nis in Serbia where the national team led by Castagna is a candidate for the European title. He has already won it in 2004 and 2010.


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