Isola dei Famosi, the revelations of Lory Del Santo on the misconduct of the other castaways

Lory Del Santo freewheeling during a recent interview with Fanpage, where he made some surprising revelations such as those concerning the alleged violations of the game rules and some misconduct that would have occurred atIsland of the Famous. The showgirl pointed the finger at Nicolas Vaporidisguilty of having eaten in secret.

The accusation against Vaporidis

On one occasion, Nicolas and Estefania they could not eat in the evening because I had not chosen them in the reward test. Luca, who had become the leader, went against the rules, made them go into the woods, so that they could secretly eat their portion of rice. Why did he do this wrong thing? To curry favor with the group he wanted to join. He proved that he was not an impartial leader“, he has declared Lory Del Santo. Then on the clash with the actor the next day: “The next day, with a full stomach, he came to me screaming: “You wanted to punish me, you penalized me, you took the food out of my mouth because you wanted me to feel bad. You are an unfair and bad person. dinner”. I should have screamed, knowing that he had a full stomach and had eaten his part in the woods. What fake are you? What a hideous and unfair person. She said I am a buffoon but he is the buffoon, who ate secretly while Luca covered him up. Nicolas was wrong to a very serious level. He turned everyone against me. He is the viper of the group“.

Lory Del Santo against Estefania Bernal

But that’s not all for the photographer she also lashed out at Estefania Bernal, which he said broke the rules of the game. “The reward that, thanks to Gennaro, had been due to me, Estefania, Gennaro and Marco was slightly richer than that received by the other castaways: there were two cans of vegetables, a little salad and an extra carrot. The Spirit of the Island said we could not share, that we would be punished and they would take away our fire. It was forbidden. At that time, Estefania was trying to get on the other group’s chariot. So, she gave half of our food to Edoardo and Nicolas. I told her it was forbidden and she replied: “I don’t give a damn, I do what I want, I think we have to share”. They weren’t starving, they had their own pantry. She went against the rules. Thus, his ride to go to the other group began“.

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