Inzaghi, the 3-5-2 trademark

In May, immediately after losing the Scudetto at the last dive, he thought he would say goodbye to Lautaro, just as the previous year he had been forced to give up Lukaku and Hakimi for budgetary reasons. Now, however, Simone Inzaghi is waiting for two phone calls, those of the turning point. The first in which he will be informed that Romelu will return to Appiano, at least for one season: an absolute priority, demanded and imposed by the coach on Inter in exchange for any sacrifice other than Lautaro. From the second call, he also hopes for the yes of Dybala, which was not an absolute desire but which in the end can represent the blow capable of clearing the cards of the championship and, above all, of the Nerazzurri team, despite the certain sale of Skriniar and the possible goodbye to Dumfries if an unmissable offer comes.

Inzaghi had never thought about Argentine talent until Marotta revealed that he could have taken him at no cost, albeit with a very high salary. Paulo has completely different technical characteristics from the other strikers of the current squad: from Lautaro to Dzeko, from Correa to Sanchez waiting for Lukaku, no one has the talent of the Argentine in kicking left even from impossible positions or in inventing the goal of a teammate from three quarters on, like the best playmaker. So Simone had given the green light to the operation, differentiating the park of offensive players but also asking for the return of Lukaku, made possible precisely by the Belgian’s desire. It is clear that one or two strikers will go away: Sanchez for sure, then perhaps one between Correa and Dzeko, depending on any offers coming from Italy and abroad. But one thing is certain, Inzaghi will not change his playing form, which has also become a trademark for Inter: the 3-5-2, with which Simone won three trophies with Lazio and two with the team. Nerazzurri, almost always scoring 100 goals per season.

Having Dybala and Lautaro, Lukaku and Correa (or Dzeko), for him only means having more alternatives in a season in which from 14 August to early November they will be played almost every three days between the championship and the Champions League. Yes, it could also happen that in a match Inter exploits the trident, if it were forced to chase a sensational comeback or break through an impassable wall, but in principle the Piacenza coach will never give up the run of the two wingers in depth or pocketing. by Calhanoglu towards the attackers on the run. A road discovered in December 2018, when Lazio suddenly became one of the most spectacular teams in the league: Inzaghi moved back Luis Alberto on the midfielders’ line by sacrificing Parolo and inserted Correa next to Immobile, where he had played his own until then. the Spanish, finding the magic formula. A tactical theme also proposed to Inter and that will not be questioned by the arrival of Dybala, who will always and only be the partner of one between Lautaro and Lukaku and never the third wheel that takes away the place of one of the two widers (Dumfries and Gosens) or to one of the two mezzali (Barella and Calhanoglu).

Inter goal: Paulo Dybala

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Inter goal: Paulo Dybala

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