Inter transfer market: the Dybala situation

MILAN – Slow down. After the meeting last week in viale Liberazione, in fact, Inter and Dybala they continue to talk at a distance. There remains a margin of difference between supply and demand, so much so that a new direct confrontation does not seem so imminent. Yesterday, however, Antun, the agent of “Joya”, passed through Milan (appointment with the lawyer Ferrari), but then returned to Turin. Of course, a sudden acceleration can always occur and, at that point, it would be automatic to find yourself again around a table. Everything suggests, however, that the times are not yet ripe. Also because, at this stage, it would mean a decisive step forward for one of the two parties towards the other. Instead, at least for the moment, the positions appear to be rather firm.

Points of view

Yesterday, however, there was a new update between Dybala and his entourage. The player has now given the green light to wear the Nerazzurri colors, however, after earning 7.5 million euros per season with his last contract at Juventus and seeing an 8 plus 2 renewal fade, it becomes difficult to accept a downsizing . Inter, in fact, has put on the table a four-year 5.5 million fixed base, with total bonuses for another 1.5. In last week’s meeting, the Nerazzurri managers explained that the club’s accounts require you to stay within certain parameters. However, they were told that both Brozovic and Lautaro were guaranteed a higher salary as a fixed amount. But Inter are also confident in another aspect to win and bring home the game. Does Dybala have any real alternatives in hand? From the parts of Viale Liberazione they are certain that they do not have a real rival in the race for the “Joya” and, therefore, also for this reason they are holding the position.


But is it really so? Well, in practice it seems so. Dybala’s entourage, in fact, continues to maintain an open channel with theAtletico Madrid. Except that the “Colchoneros” have made it clear that this is not the time to make offers. In essence, Dybala likes and interests e Simeone, but for a month nothing will be able to move. In short, if by mid-July the Argentine is still free and Atletico (who will have Morata back) need a reinforcement in attack, then we could work on an agreement. Even though he is on vacation right now, it seems difficult to imagine Dybala still “walking around” for so long. And then everything suggests that, sooner or later, an agreement with Inter will be found. How, though? Among the possible solutions there is certainly a recalibration of bonuses, between the simpler ones to achieve, such as appearances on the pitch, and the more complicated ones, such as those linked to team results. Without neglecting a signing award, the size of which could make the now ex-Juventus player accept a lighter engagement than his wishes.

Inter, Marotta's strategy for Dybala

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Inter, Marotta’s strategy for Dybala

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