Inter transfer market: more Dybala than Lukaku.  And Bellanova arrives

MILAN – While Bellanova gets closer and closer to Inzaghi, in the head of Lukaku, there is only Inter. Which is not just the title of the song that echoes at San Siro before every game of the Nerazzurri team, but the only thought that circulates in Big Rom’s mind at the moment. A thought so intense and prevaricating that it does not see or consider anything of alternative. In short, at Chelsea, with Tuchel still on the bench, Lukaku just can’t stay. But that doesn’t mean that any other arrangement will suit him. Nor is it a question of lineage. Lukaku, in fact, in order to return to Inter, is also ready to say no to Bayern, to Tottenham of “his of him” Conte and to Real Madrid.


Attention, it is not that this type of waste has already existed. But these are the teams that, in recent days, have been compared to the Belgian totem pole. The last in order of time is Real, as reported by “Marca”. Moreover, at this stage, with the new ownership that has yet to complete its settlement, it is not Chelsea directly that is moving, but some intermediaries who offer Lukaku to the clubs who, potentially, would need it. So here is Bayern, which risks losing Lewandowski, determined to go to Barcelona. Here is Tottenham, knowing the predilection of Conte, who, however, having already Kane is not as fervent as in the days of Inter. And here, finally, Real, that after missing the shot Mbappè could think of another great striker.


It must be said that none of these three clubs made “advances” against Big Rom, so basically there was no refusal. But they will come when another proposal is delivered. With Inter, also through his lawyer Ledure, Lukaku was mandatory: I want to come back and I will do everything to succeed. The Belgian forward is ready to act personally. In short, Ledure will be able to support him, but, once he is free from commitments with his national team – by the way it is not yet clear the extent of the trouble remedied in his ankle, we only know that he will miss tomorrow’s match against Poland -, presumably around the middle of the month, he intends to ask Todd Boehly, the new president of the Blues, for an “audience”. He wants to explain his reasons, perhaps even finding the side of Tuchel, who no longer wants to have him employed, and to convince him of the fact that a loan to Inter would also be suitable for Chelsea, considering that the Nerazzurri is the only square in which would be revalued to the maximum. The business is more than complicated, but Big Rom has already shown in the past that he knows how to get what he wants. Of course, the ideal would be to get the green light by June 30, so as to take advantage of the Growth Decree, but the game could also last a long time.

Stand-by but not too much

The one for Dybala will be shorter. If desired, “Joya” also has only Inter in mind, but it has been explained to them that there is still to wait. On the one hand, it is necessary to make room in attack and in the mounds with the exit of Sanchez – in the next few days there will be a meeting with his agent Felicevich -, on the other hand Inter wants to understand what direction the Lukaku affair will take. . For technical-tactical reasons, Big Rom is the favorite. But the Nerazzurri club cannot run the risk of being left without one and the other. This is why the wait for Dybala will not be infinite, on the contrary.

One step away

Inzaghi, Marotta, Ausilio and Baccin spoke about Big Rom, the “Joya” and also about Bellanova last night, on the sidelines of the toast to celebrate the Primavera championship. Indeed, as stated, the speeches for the outside of Cagliari proceed quickly. The two clubs have reached an agreement in principle on the formula of the operation, which will take place definitively: together with a cash balance, there will also be a loan from one of the young Inter fans. The Sardinian club has set its sights on Casadei, the jewel of the Primavera, already an object of interest to other teams as well. But alternatives are not to be ruled out. It remains to find a balance for the overall evaluation of the winger, given that Inter does not go beyond 7-8 million (plus bonuses), while Cagliari is aiming for 10 (plus bonuses). As already emerged, in next season’s squad, Bellanova would go to do Dumfries ‘deputy, with Darmian diverted to Gosens’ back-up. In the evening, apprehension for Skriniar forced to leave during Slovakia-Kazakhstan, but the player reassured Inter by explaining that it would be a muscle problem in the flexors.

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