Inter transfer market: Lukaku presses Chelsea, Marotta awaits Dybala

MILAN – Inter keep an eye on Romelu Lukaku and Paulo Dybala. In a different way. If with the free Argentine he can be more “brazen” and send explicit messages, as happened on Monday through the words of the CEO Marotta, with the Belgian the watchword is to deny any contact, even to diminish the possibilities of white smoke. The reason is easy to understand: Joya can be put under contract by paying commissions to the agent and finding an agreement on the engagement; Big Rom, on the other hand, is linked to Chelsea and, only if he manages to get the green light for an annual loan, the operation can take off. The two, however, have too different characteristics, perhaps it is better to say opposite, to argue that one excludes the other. From a technical-tactical point of view, Inzaghi certainly needs Lukaku more, but the deal with the former number 9 is very complicated. So what will happen? The moves will be decided in the face to face tomorrow or Tuesday with Inzaghi also bearing in mind that first of all there is to free “salary space” by finding an agreement for the incentive to leave with Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean, however, before snatching the contract that binds him to Inter until 2023, wants to identify a team that satisfies him. He is in no hurry. Unlike Marotta, Ausilio and Baccin.

Romelu Lukaku is knocked out. The sprained right ankle he remedied against the Netherlands will almost certainly force him to miss the next three Nations League matches (two with Poland and one against Wales). Yesterday the Belgian federation did not communicate whether he has already undergone a medical resonance or if he will do it today, but the sensations are not good and the defection for the three matches scheduled from 8 to 14 is obvious. Romelu has therefore closed a season to forget in the worst possible way and he wants to turn the page. How? Speaking to Chelsea and explaining, along with his lawyer Sebastian Ledure, that he wants to leave. Where is it? His preference for Inter is clear. He assured Marotta that he will be the one to convince the Blues to give him a free loan for 12 months. From London this prospect is discarded, but Lukaku has the same confidence to get the green light by June 30 or in the following weeks. Maybe he also explained it to Dumfries and De Vrij, with whom he spoke on Friday night after the match. The scene seemed very similar to that of 20 July 2019 when, still as a United player, he was wandering around the grass of the Singapore stadium at the end of the match to talk to Conte.

Dybala ready

The Argentine today will be among the protagonists of the friendly against Estonia: he is not indicated among the owners, but will enter the second half. In England they write that Tottenham and Arsenal are on his trail, rumors not confirmed at the moment by the entourage of the footballer who continues to think of Inter. An important professional opportunity that would mean finding Marotta again, but also making a disgrace to the Juventus fans. The Nerazzurri club tempts him and keeps an eye on him, thinking about the definitive lunge. When will it be time to say yes or no? Maybe soon and everything leads to think that it will be a yes …

  Romelu Lukaku: one year later

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Romelu Lukaku: one year later

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