Inter, quelli su Gnonto e Zaniolo si chiamano errori. Dov'erano Conte e Spalletti?

You can ignore it and walk around it, or you can call things by their name. That in the case of Willy Gnonto who ended up at 16 and a half in Zurich, is nothing but a mistake. Of Inter, of course. Everyone is wrong, sooner or later. Inter had at home a player with exceptional skills for someone of his age and did not understand it. Amen, but do not say that it is the regulations that do not protect Italian clubs, because the FIGC does not authorize pre-contracts to players before the age of 16.

At that age, it’s not the players who decide, but their families. God forbid it were not so. They say: Zurich has arrived and offered him some money. Well, what’s wrong with that? It was enough to offer him more or just as many, and Willy would have been happy to continue playing in the team he grew up in and supported. It is absurd to talk about theft, it is right to talk about a double choice: before Inter, not to pay; then of the Gnonto family, to choose the option deemed best for Willy’s future.

For Gnonto, Zurich immediately meant some money, not the place in the team, which arrived little by little, after many benches, some substitutions and the first applause. In the first season he played 600 league minutes in 23 appearances, 1 goal and 4 assists. In the second, the one that has just ended, he went to 1300 in 33 games, 9 starters, 8 goals and 3 assists. It is presumable that in Inter he would not have put together the same numbers, considering the level of staff and league. But Inter could have made him grow at home or lend him as he did with the Esposito or Pinamonti brothers. He didn’t, they are choices.

How it was chosen to include Zaniolo in the Nainggolan affair, an error that will never be talked about enough and which he can somehow make up for with 15% of what Rome will collect from the future possible sale. A partial revenge on the economic level that does not cancel the technical error.

Because it is inconceivable that the coach of the first team and his collaborators do not notice who is training on the pitch next to theirs. How is it possible that someone like Spalletti in his time never took a look at that Zaniolo, who then as soon as he left Inter anonymously made his debut in the national team and became a pillar of Rome? How is it possible that someone like Conte, another who we say is sick of football and who is said to spend his nights studying games and players, did not tell Inter that it was appropriate to invest in Gnonto? Not to mention the leaders of the youth sectors and the coaches of the various Spring and of the whole world that revolves around youth football. Because raising a champion is worth much more than winning a championship. Errors of Inter, but not only. And not just today. Almost 50 years ago, Juventus had Paolo Rossi in the Primavera and in fact he didn’t notice. Fifteen years ago, AC Milan had Aubameyang and gave it to France. Like these, dozens of cases.

The FIGC is good at never losing Gnonto from the blue radar, Mancini is good at inserting it at the earliest opportunity. Bravo and not brave, because there is nothing brave in making someone play good, only the skill to understand that he is. Logic would like that now, after so much attention, the boy was protected against Hungary and not thrown into the fray, even if it is safe to bet that he would be able to get away with that too.

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