Dybala at Inter: the negotiation ignites the social PHOTOS

Better Lukakubetter Dybalabetter both together with Lautaro Martinez yielded, or rather one of the two next to Lautaro? L’hypothesis more beautiful and bolder is the one that Inter, apparently, cannot afford, that is Dybala behind Lukaku and Lautaro: technique, power and intuition, all together. It would be like announcing the strongest candidacy for the 2022-23 championship right now.

In fact, if theInter buy the Joya And Romelu then it must surrender Lautaro Martinez for obvious reasons. After yesterday afternoon’s meeting, Dybala seems a little closer to Inter and consequently the most correct question at the moment is: for Inzaghi the couple LukakuDybala or the couple LautaroDybala?

With Lukaku-Dybala the Nerazzurri coach must review a part (the final one) of his maneuver. Last year, deprived of the Belgian giant, Inzaghi brought to Pinetina a very different type of game from that of With you than on the long cast for Lukaku had created the basis of the Scudetto. Little technique, a lot of strength. Little invention, a lot of substance. In short, straight to the goal. Inzaghi searched in Dzeko And Correa the players to vary the attack and in part he succeeded. Partly because two cups, which enrich his personal showcase and that of Inter, do not weigh as much as a Scudetto.

Dybala at Inter: the negotiation ignites the social PHOTOS

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Dybala at Inter: the negotiation ignites the social PHOTOS

Conte’s “Dybala” was right Lautaro Martinez, Argentine like the former 10 of Juve, more gifted than him as a goalscorer, less as an inspirer. Dybala can become Lukaku’s hook, but likewise he can move around and alongside Lautaro Martinez.
If you have a trimmer like Paulo, action must necessarily pass from his feet for it to acquire brilliance and danger. Sure, with Lukaku on the pitch, Inzaghi too can bow in front of muscular strength and aim, in a more hasty way, at the long throw of De Vrij or Bastoni. In any case, the change would become necessary, Inter’s maneuver would no longer be as elaborate as before, but crossed by the flashes of Dybala who could enjoy greater advantages from the presence of his compatriot than the Belgian. Dybala-Lautaro it already seems so one couple in fact, they have the same intuition and put it to good use in different areas and ways. Dybala has the idea, the enlightenment, Lautaro the speed, the conclusion. At this moment (then, the market will inevitably change the balance and, consequently, the judgments), in Serie A no team could count on a pair of forwards like the one dreamed by Inter fans.
The point in favor of the couple Lukaku-Lautaro instead lies in the knowledge. They would start from something already known, already experienced. It is true that Dybala and Lautaro play in Argentina (although not often together), but the understanding and experience of the two forwards of the management-Conte led Inter to conquer the Scudetto. They know how to look for each other and above all how to find each other. Certainly a nice advantage.

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