Inter, Lukaku on hire for 25 million: the details

MILAN – Todd Boehlythe new owner of the Chelseaconfirmed that it will be Thomas Tuchel to direct the Blues market. Inter welcomed the news, anticipated in recent days by Bild, with a smile: even if the way to go to get to Lukaku remains uphill, Marotta and Ausilio now have the certainty of not having to deal with the terrible Tsarina Marina Granovskaia, who would hardly have done them a favor after the frictions on the Big Rom deal last August. With Tuchel everything is different: the German coach, while acting as a manager and as a market man who cannot impoverish the company’s assets, perceives the presence of the center forward as a problem. Not only for himself, but above all for the locker room. That’s why, now that Boehly has given Tuchel full negotiating powers (just like the City at Guardiola and Liverpool at Klopp) and 200 million to invest in strengthening the staff, the chances of an encore marriage between the away club of the Liberation and the boy from Antwerp increase.

Amortization and revaluation

However, the road to signing the loan is still long. Because Tuchel, even though he no longer relies on Lukaku, does not want to give him a free loan for a year, having a budget with amortization of 25 million for his card. He is looking for a club willing to pay this amount (beyond all logic) for a loan, a company that in fact undertakes to buy it after 12 months. Of course these are not “feasible” conditions for Inter, but both Tuchel and Lukaku know this. The Belgian is ready to refuse any alternative destination that will be proposed to him. Or at least so he told the CEO Marotta. By doing so he wants to push Chelsea to please him and send him to Inter for a season. He will argue that only there can he find a family atmosphere and a championship that suits his characteristics. In 2023, he will return to Chelsea revalued compared to now and can be sold at better conditions. The Blues with the free loan would save the gross salary of 12 million plus bonuses and would have advantages in terms of cash, liquidity. However, the image problem remains because Boehly would not want to start his adventure as an owner by lending for free a player who was paid almost 100 million pounds in 2021.

Accident and interview

Big Rom remains in the Belgian retreat for now and is recovering from the right ankle injury accused against the Netherlands. He will miss the two matches against Poland (tonight) and Wales, but there is a very small chance of seeing him again on the pitch for the second match against the Poles: “The medical tests did not go as bad as we expected – admitted coach Martinez -, but I don’t expect him to recover in a week. However we will see ». Certainly, at this point, the eventual face-to-face that Lukaku has already asked Tuchel will be staged from the 15th onwards. Even though the player’s agent has already made it known to the coach and the club what his will is. Romelu, if as he hopes he gets the chance, will reiterate the concept to Tuchel or even to the new patron. He aims to get to the white smoke by June 30, to allow Inter to take advantage of the Growth Decree and pay less taxes on his salary, but even if the ok for that date was not there, he would not give up. His choice of him is “definitive” and now he has to find a way to make Chelsea digest it by helping Marotta to pay him as little as possible. The negotiation goes on and promises to be full of twists.

Inter, Marotta: “Dybala?  We see…

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Inter, Marotta: “Dybala? We see…”

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