Inter, Lukaku flies to London to free himself from Chelsea

MILAN- L’Inter awaits a new contact with the entourage of Dybala. THE rumor make it clear that it will be an update, after last week’s meeting at the Nerazzurri headquarters. In essence, it is a question of verifying whether the distances between supply and demand, which emerged in that confrontation, can be filed down so as to reach an agreement. Meanwhile, for Lukaku the break the lines: Big Rom did not travel with Belgium to Poland after theinjury at the ankle. So it has been since last night free from commitments. Unlike his teammates in the national team, who will think first of all about the holidays tonight, the Belgian striker will dedicate himself to his real big summer goal, that is to return to theInter.

The conditions

Everything suggests that Lukaku will act of personthat is, it will go to London to meet the Chelsea and get the go ahead to get back the Nerazzurri colors. After all, there is only this purpose in his head and he will do everything to make it happen. The precedents are more or less all on his side: yes that of a year ago, when he wanted Blues at all costs, and that of 2019, when he got to move from Manchester United to Inter. This third “escape” is evidently the most complicated. From the first surveys carried out by Ledure, Lukaku’s trusted lawyer, it emerged that the Chelsea it has none intention to grant a loan free. Indeed, initially it started from the claim of 25 million euros, or the annual amortization fee of the Big Rom card. request fell to 20 million, but clearly we are far from Inter’s availability. Moreover, viale Liberazione has also discarded the alternative solution, that is to insert another player (Dumfries), who would make the route from Milan to London. Eventually, a separate operation will be made.

Double loan

Anyway, the club Nerazzurri has now understood that for hug again Lukaku it will not be enough to pay his salary, but it will be necessary to pay something for the loan. Obviously, not the 20 million “fired” by Chelsea, but a white smoke could reach around (and no more than) half that figure. L’Inter will leverage on the fact that the Blues will save the very heavy engagement of Big Rom, which gross, including bonuses, involves a cost of 28-29 million. Rather, there will also be work on the formula overall of the operation. Without prejudice to the annual loan, the idea is to set up a more complex operation. In essence, advance agreements would be made to renew the loan for another season once the first season is exhausted, therefore in the summer of 2023. In 2024, however, the redemption of the tag by the Inter club. But there is a hurry, as the deadline of June 30 is approaching. After that date, in fact, Inter will no longer be able to make use of the Growth Decree for the recruitment of Lukaku.

Dybala-Inter closer

As stated, it is definitely more hot the front-Dybala. The feeling is that both parties want to “consume” the marriage – the proof is that there is already a jersey number, the 21, already reserved for Joya – but at the same time it is necessary that they come together on what is the real knot of the negotiation, the economic one. On the one hand, Inter should raise its offer (5.5 million fixed base to get to 6.5-7 with bonuses) and, on the other, the representatives of the Argentine, lower their requests. In the speechesthey also dance a prize at the signature and the commissions. Already today, probably, we will understand something more.

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