'L'Inter non ha venduto Gnonto allo Zurigo, ecco come l'ha perso'

Dear Attorney,

the player who allowed us to save face against Germany is a certain Degnant Wilfried Gnonto, author of a valuable assist who offered Pellegrini the opportunity to put it on the net for the momentary advantage of our national team. A player unknown to the most unknown, of one meter and 70 cm, born in 2003 who plays for Zurich, but was from Inter.

What I can’t understand is how did Inter manage to sell such a promising young man to Zurich with the shortage of young talents in Italy?

Michele of Brescia

Dear Michele,

Inter did not sell Gnonto to Zurich

. The player was acquired by Zurich through the payment of the so-called training allowance. It is a rather complex mechanism to explain, but which we could simplify as follows: if a club does not sign a player from its own nursery (the contract can be signed as soon as he is 16 years of age), a foreign club could propose to the the player himself the signing of the first contract; in case of acceptance, the young player will be able to free himself from the club he belongs to and go to reside abroad acquiring the consequent professional status. The money for the training allowance will go into the pocket of the club or clubs that trained the player from the age of 12. (few compared to the sale of a card!) which will pay the foreign club that has signed the first professional contract with the player (the calculations of the training costs are made on the basis of FIFA tables).

Not being able to enter into the merits of the Gnonto case (on why it was not contracted by Inter), I can however say that the “flight” of young players abroad is increasingly dictated by the hope of being able to experience football with the first teams with more in advance than what happens in Italy (2003 played the Primavera Championship this year, with a few exceptions). And here someone like Gnonto, having already played with an excellent performance in the Swiss Serie A championship, can afford to be called up by Mancini in the national team doing well!

But now I pass the ball to the users of CalcioMercato.com: Is Gnonto an exception or could migrating abroad be, for our young Italian players, the right way to get to the great footballers earlier?

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