Inter, perché Lautaro, Lukaku e Dybala (non) possono giocare insieme

How could Simone Inzaghi’s Inter afford three strikers like Lautaro, Lukaku and Dybala next season? And could those three ever play together? The question is less idle than it seems. Both because the arrivals of Lukaku and Dybala are less remote than a few weeks ago, and because Lautaro Martinez, despite being monitored by many clubs, should not leave. Dumfries and, above all, Skriniar are much more likely to go to make money. This situation is destined to create some imbalance: to strengthen the attack, in fact, Inter would find themselves not just in defense, which is the strongest department of Inzaghi’s team.

However, if Marotta and Ausilio are spending so much money on a star attack, there will be a reason. It remains for me to say whether it is possible to support it or not. The 3-5-2, in truth, is the least available game system for the three in front, but I think if Inzaghi actually gave the placet for Dybala and Lukaku, know that they both have to play, as well as, of course, Lautaro Martinez. Said Lautaro would take the place of Dzeko and / or Correa, it is more difficult to determine where and with whom Dybala can play.

In the meantime, let’s enumerate its characteristics. Dybala is not a striker, just as he is not a playmaker. More and more often, however, he has become a player able to move back about thirty meters, up to the half-field line., to connect the departments. In Juventus he often played on the right and, sometimes, on the left, creating the spaces for him to target the opponent, dribble past him and often go to the conclusion. It is even trivial, therefore, to argue that to deploy a trident it is absolutely necessary to attack in width and less in depth..

Lukaku, given the structure and the way of playing, is compatible with everyone, in particular with two “arrows”, skilled in the shot and quick in the conclusion to the net. In theory, therefore, there are no contraindications for the trident. The problem is that in 3-5-2 the trident is not foreseen. In case a multiplayer or attacking midfielder (Calhanoglu) is expected to be deployed in the five-a-side line. Can Dybala play in that position? I do not think so, because the aerobic capacity of the Argentine is, in my opinion, lower than that of the Turk. Secondly, it would be a question of moving Dybala further away from the door with consequent negative results. One thing, in fact, is the movement to return from the attack to the metacampo, another is to start fifty meters from the goal. Not to mention that, however, as an alternative to Calhanoglu, Inter took Mkhitaryan.

The more I continue in my reasoning, the less plausible I see the simultaneous trio in Inter in the near future. First, why I am not thinking of a change of Simone’s module. Second, why Dybala’s physical efficiency is a major risk element. One of the two: if Dybala arrives and Lukaku returns, Lautaro will have a different partner depending on the matches and conditions. Or: only Dybala arrives and Lukaku no, above all because of the technical counterpart that Chelsea would expect (Dumfries or Bastoni). The feeling is that Marotta does not want to let Dybala escape, but that Lukaku is much more useful for Inter’s gamethat is, a player who defends the ball, but also knows how to attack the depth. Having them both is a great luxury, but it doesn’t offer any seat security to anyone. And a Dybala, still on the sidelines and not at the center of the technical project, would make not only the player himself melancholy, but also his admirers. More perplexed than disappointed by a fact: apart from Inter, who really looked for him?

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