If the blue speaks of Rome and Sassuolo

Scamacca, Raspadori, Frattesi and Berardithe four Italian objects of wish of many clubs are all from the same team, the provincial Sassuolo, and for two quarters they grew up in the same nursery, the Romanist one of Alberto De Rossi. Will it mean something? The manufacturing and artisan dimension of football, although confined to a limited geographical niche, is nevertheless capable of developing value. So that the Sassuolo is, these days, the largest market for national football products. It is also the largest supplier of talents for the National by Mancini. There has been a reversal in the relationship between the strength of the clubs and Italy. Once the big players were the major reservoirs for the coach, today Milan, Inter and Juve and Napoli put together as much as Roma and Sassuolo, who are the major contributors to the Azzurri cause.

It is a progress or a handicap? It is conceivable a national team built on the players of teams not involved in Championsand therefore missing that experience international which, at certain levels, can make a difference? Hailing the return to victory of the National With the’Hungarywe wrote that to talk about a new cycle it would take that Mancini could have a wide audience of young talents, such as Raspadori and his companions, already tested in major competitions, among which to make a selection based on quality. A goal that today appears unrealistic if, in the championship that is about to open, the number of starting shirts dressed by Italian players will continue not to exceed seventy-eighty units. Unfortunately there are no conditions to develop and produce, on their own, football talent, and there are instead the tax conditions of advantages to go and find it on the foreign market.

Add the syndrome ofurgency that has always plagued the soccer Italian. The idea of ​​aiming for victory with a medium-long term plan almost always yields to the need to reach the finish line first in order not to lose the bench or to recover theI commit financial often faced with a logic of chance, and not of the project. This mentality doesn’t go far. One wonders what strengthening the free 35-year-olds bring, who have had their day in other leagues, and instead can come to Italy to overwinter for a couple of seasons. To be more concrete, it scudetto of Milan is it due to Ibrahimovic and Giroud or rather to Leão, Tonali, Kalulu and Tomori? It will be said that in every winning team there is a balance between experience And talent. But it is also true that in recent years many big names have favored the former, carrying elderly champions now in disarmament on their shoulders. It is time to allow talents to gain experience by playing early and more. And if those talents were also partly Italian, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Sassuolo docet.

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