If Maradona appears to us even when he is dead

The divine greed of the Pibe. I am not content to have appeared there alive a number of times, Diego he made an effort to appear to us also from died. Magnificent hallucination the first in the context of crowds and delusional balloons, the second decidedly more disturbing. In any case, we are in the boundless timeless and gateless phantasmagoria of Pibelandia. The ghost di Diego was revealed for the last time last Friday in the La Plata stadium, for once used in the re-edition of the Lourdes grotto. The occasion, the match between the Gimnasia, the last club he coached from 2019 until his death, and the Patronato. He, Diegoskillfully mixed in grandstand in the crowd. But caught by the sniper who doesn’t believe his eyes and that’s why he is photographer. The spectrum intercepted and posted on Twitter from the private account of the Bernadette on duty, and all to cry out for a miracle.

Social on fire, first degree burns. “Incredible similarity!” Cheap acts of faith. “I chose to believe it, it’s him, Diego, in reality he never left.” A few days earlier on the steps of Wembley, same story, same mistake or mirage, in the Grand Final between Argentina and Italy. Diego in the crowd. The appearances heavenly point out here and there, the recent one on the sky of Paranà, full moon night, Diego from behind with the number 10 jersey circling in the clouds. May he really be the revived zombie of Maradona or a banal case of somatic coincidence aided by a hangover from Fernandito, the Argentine cocktail based on Fernet, the fact is that Diego’s desire, call it nostalgia, call it lack, even more deprivation, does not give up. In the face of all the godless truly convinced that Diego Armando Maradona quickly decomposed in the cemetery of Jardin Bella Vista, on the hill of his home, not far from his beloved parents. Finally out of that macabre lottery that had become his existence.

From that day, November 25, 2020, in which the amazement was stronger than the pain, stronger than the mourning and everything. You get used to everything, but not toextinction corporal of the myths. That is, that myths have a perishable body. The other hypothesis, more suggestive, is that these apparitions are like the cameos of that other genius of Alfred Hitchcock, witty forays into the heap of humans, to make fun of them. In this case, the concept conversely, we would be the ones who appeared in Maradona, paraphrasing a famous visionary from Campi Salentina, whose mania was that of having appeared to the Madonna. It is not even excluded that all this rosary of visions, all this redundancy of prayers up to a certain point secular in the presence of Diego, of his hand but also of his foot de dios, moreover scanned in 3D and made immortal, while alive, but who cares, they are only progressive passages of the beatification by Diego. Which will have its climax the day he appears where he was born and never died, in a field of soccer. Maybe coming out of some hole in a stadium named after him with a lyre in his hand, and singing like a nightingale “Donde estara mi primavera”.

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