If football buys words

– I’m sorry, but we said no last week to other requests, Caio Sempronio will speak in the next days on the official channel of the club.
– Forgive me, but in recent days the national team had not yet played. The fact we are talking about happened the other night, it is more than normal that the youth coach has the right to talk about it today, do you think?
– I’m sorry, but this is our policy.
– Do you realize that you handle the communication of a coach as if he were the head of the Pentagon? Don’t you feel like you’re taking yourself too seriously? It is easier to talk to the Minister of the Interior than to you.
– I consider your joke inappropriate, but this is our policy.

Yeah, the policy. Net of a personal idiosyncrasy for the use of English in the professional lexicon, it comes so much that it translates as “police”. The soccer Italian communicates like a police regime. It checks the most innocent utterances of any card holder as if they were a danger to national security and pre-packs, with tissue papers and pseudo-interviews, the pneumatic void of an official communication that is not only lacking in truth, but above all in reality and meaning.

We report the curtain it took yesterday not to put anyone on the index, also because it is not an exception, most of the companies behave in the way represented here. But we would like to point out that this distorting filter isolates football, makes it intrasparent and fictitious like an unsuccessful show, establishes an authoritative relationship between clubs and society and helps to crystallize the entire sports movement in a falsely modern time, which preserves all his primitive vices intact, from prejudice to violence, from unfair subterfuge to systematic deception.

What is surprising is that most companies now have professionals of communication that communication does everything to prevent it, with a realism that surpasses that of the king. This involution it doesn’t happen by chance. And it unmasks the idea, also primitive, that the football industry, as a show producer, is the owner of the message, which the show sends, in its entire temporal path, from the emission to the perception of the public. It is the same privatist, and partially totalitarian, ideology that guides the eye of the only camera enabled on the pitch away from racist gestures or from the violence that takes place in the stands. As if everything did not happen in a public space and around the most public of passions on the planet, and as if the entire story of what goes on around football could be rewritten and sweetened by those who feel the exclusive owner.

Let us tell you that it is a ‘illusion suicide. Human systems evolve only in truth and thanks to irony, the two missing virtues of the system. The immaturity of Italian football is one with its constipation in a sterile bubble, of which the one imposed by the pandemic alarm was only a physical transposition. In this muffled environment, used to agreeing with themselves, footballers risk remaining eternal children, educated in schools that do not form, educated in the obviousness of thought and guided to say or not to say in press conferences where there is a preventive check on questions. or the censorship of unwelcome questions. As if leadership, which the challenge of the field calls them to assume, were not also a primacy of the personality based on independent judgment and cultural maturity.

In the same way, in this soup of corporate complicity, the other protagonists, from the technicians to the managers, soon renounce to mark a distinction that can change the story of football and are convinced to reduce their ambitions to strictly economic interests. There is not only one trainer, even of the most noble, who has claimed to keep image rights for themselves, including the faculty to communicate independently, albeit in compliance with the interests of the club. It thus happens that, in the event of early dismissal, they condemn themselves to silence for the entire residual duration of the contract, being bound to remain silent even if questioned on the evolution of tactical models in North Korea. Pecunia non olet, the word yes. The word is worthless, as if a coach were not also a theorist and, in his own way, a scientist in his discipline and should not feel the responsibility of transmitting some kind of pedagogy.

There crisis of football is also the daughter of this dismissal of duties in the name of purely speculative interests, to which the communication machines of the clubs provide a grotesque bulkhead, behind which to hide. Blessed be whoever has the courage and strength to reaffirm the dignity and autonomy of the free comparison of ideas in sport where even the word has been bought and reduced to silence.

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