Cremonese, Alvini: 'Essere qui è una soddisfazione enorme. Mercato? Mi fido della dirigenza. Squadra con grande qualità'

It is time for evaluations, reflections, confirmations and greetings. Football never stops even now that it is on hiatus. We are used to seeing players make their debut, but the “first times” in this sport are many and affect everyone. It is the case of Massimiliano Alvinithat the next championship will “debut” as the new coach of Cremonese in A league.

A LIFETIME COOKIE – It is never too late to reach your goals. Massimiliano Alvini knows this well. Almost 800 benches before reaching the top of Serie A. On the vocabulary next to the word mess, there is certainly his name. Originally from Fucecchio in the province of Florence, Alvini joins the list of the many Tuscan coaches who play in our league. A path born around the mid-90s that first came to life with amateurs, starting from the UISP tournament with the Ferruzza district, to then get to win the Promotion championships with Signa and Quarrata up to bringing the Tuttocuoio among the professionals . The journey continues in Lega Pro where he trains Pistoiese, but is sacked after thirty days, before moving to Serie C at the helm of Albinoleffe, finishing in ninth and fifth place in the first two seasons. In 2019 he goes to coach Reggiana bringing her to Serie B after 21 years thanks to the victory in the category playoffs. The same playoffs that this year will prevent him from carrying on the dream. In fact, his Perugia will be mocked in extra time by Brescia. A journey along that of the Tuscan coach, through a football not yet pressed and attacked by the god of money. A football made up of sacrifices, sacrifices and joys that, step by step, lead to the greatest dream. From these fields you start, in these fields you become a man. To be a champion, the important thing is to bring them into these fields. “I don’t train to live, I live to train” says Alvini. Words that don’t need other words to explain. This declaration perfectly encapsulates the essence of the Tuscan technician, a craftsman of his own profession. A coach who uses bottles of water to reiterate to his players the positions on the field or the schemes to be used. In-depth study of the opponents, combined with an almost maniacal preparation for the match, make Alvini a technician with clear ideas. Since he was a child he has always known where he wanted to go, and now he has succeeded. Despite everything at 52, the Coach is proof that there is no right time, our time exists.

A NEW BEGINNING – Thinking that in every area of ​​life there are recommended is not always correct. Indeed, it can often seem like a nice excuse not to admit to yourself that you are afraid, for example, of failure. Failure is human and as such must be accepted but not trying to the full is even worse. Alvini is the demonstration that “one in a thousand” can also do it. Commitment, passion and dedication always pay off. His victory is called Cremonese, newly promoted to Serie A, with which he will begin his journey in football for the greats, even if he has always been great. Taking over from Fabio Pecchia, the Tuscan coach has clear ideas as always. Aggression, courage and domination. His team must have a very specific identity and face any type of opponent in the same way. The key to everything is empathy because without it nothing is transmitted to the players. “We have to reach our goal, salvation, but we will have to do it through the game.” A great challenge awaits him, hard and certainly uphill. All that remains is to wait for a new kick-off to see Alvini’s team at work. To quote a film, given that football and films often have so much in common, “the important thing is not what you find at the end of a race. The important thing is what you feel while running “. And then we can only wish the Coach to find what he wants but above all to live intensely what is in the middle.

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