Ungheria, Rossi: 'Noi intrusi in un girone di ferro, speriamo nella fortuna. Italia fuori dal Mondiale uno choc, ma...'

Marco Rossict ofHungarypresents the Nations League challenge with Italy at a press conference: “We are fine, the boys have recovered well. When there is so little time you don’t train and do a recovery job, but from the various tests it seems the boys have recovered and tomorrow at the start of the match we will be 100%. Working as a coach, I often go back to Italy: I have not been away from Italy for a long time and when I go back to Italy I am with my family. But the emotion is there, because basically after ten years we started from being unknown in Hungary to face our national team “.

ITALY – “The fact that Italy did not qualify for the World Cup was a shock for everyone, for us Italians but also for those who are not. It proved to be a great team and it still is. Unfortunately it has had many adverse episodes that lasted until the match against North Macedonia. There were some lucky episodes during the European Championship, but after all it was against. In Italy, especially in football, we want to be the best, but right now we have to accept that we are not the best, but among the best. Mancini has shown that he has vision and I believe that for the immediate and near future several players will be part of the national team who have been sent home for various reasons, but Italy is young and has quality and quantity. As an Italian fan but also as an insider, I would be much less catastrophic for this lack of qualification for the World Cup “.

CESENA – “Speaking of Italy I am biased but Cesena and Romagna, but also Emilia, are places renowned in the world for what they can offer. I came to Cesena for the first time in 1989 and we managed to keep Serie B, winning the play-off. Then I played it other times and I have pleasant memories: I hope to keep the same lines tomorrow, but it will be very complicated “.

NATIONS LEAGUE – “For us it is excellent. I do not know how many more times we will have the opportunity to compete against nationals of this level. And then thanks to the Nations League we qualified for the European Championship: had it not been there, we would have been eliminated in 2019. This Nations League He will give us points to be able to take part in the play-offs in case we do not qualify for the European Championship. For us it is very useful, for Germany, Italy and England it may be different but it is a UEFA calendar and we have to follow it and respect it. ”

UNBEATEN IN 13 MATCHES AGAINST TOP TEAMS IN RANKING – “We have succeeded several times, but not other times. I remember Portugal’s 3-0 or England’s 4-0 at home. It depends on a series of situations: against Italy tomorrow, in order to hope for a favorable result, we will have to be perfect or almost perfect under the tactical aspect, not make individual mistakes and hope that our opponent is not in an evening of grace, otherwise it will be impossible to bring home the result. There are differences, we always work on our weaknesses and we hope through the work to make sure that even luck gives us a look. I often talk about luck, but it’s the truth: in football you don’t decide whether to put the ball an inch outside or in, but that episode can decide the game. We work to ensure that luck turns on our side, but if Italy plays as it knows and can it will be very difficult for us to get results. “

LEFT-HANDED – “Who between me and him can wait for the game more calmly?” It’s difficult … I don’t think I’m waiting for this game and Roberto, due to the situation that has arisen, is probably in the same situation. He has many more things than us, but the fact that Italy respects us and is not sure of winning the three points for my boys must be a source of pride “.

ITALY, GERMANY AND ENGLAND IN THE SAME GROUP – “In football, if we can talk about some sporting miracle, this miracle can hardly be repeated. Having scored three points against England means not finishing the group at zero as many had predicted. When it comes to numbers, statistics, you have to be objective: we are the intruders of this group but we are here and we want to play for it. We want to leave the pitch with our heads held high, knowing that we have given everything. We finished fourth in the European Championship with France, Germany and Portugal, but Hungary at the end of the group she was happy and this was enough for us. Although our level is not that of Italy, the Hungarian national team is followed by 10 million people and the Hungarian fans are proportionally as passionate as the Italian one. “

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