Ungheria, Rossi: 'Rendiamoci conto di chi siamo. Non avevo vendette da consumare, ma ci tenevo a fare bene qui'

Marco Rossict ofHungary, speaks at the press conference after the defeat against Italy in the Nations League “In the first half, for large parts we were unable to do what we planned and prepared, unfortunately there was very little time to work on it and to prepare things. Time there was none, we suffered this positional play between the lines. Our goal was to slow down the play of their central defenders and take away the option of the central pass to force them to the outside: when we did not succeed, Italy it hurt us. In the second half the team expressed itself better and we also made some important plays. is champion of Europe and is a team made up of all or almost all players who play in Serie A. Let’s realize where we are and who we are: if you get an important result you think you have to repeat it three days later, there is something c he does not come back “.

PROUD OF THE TEAM – “I had already said it and I repeat it: I ask my boys to give their best on the pitch, to produce the maximum possible effort and to work in the clubs even extra training in order to give more in the national team. When they do this, for me They leave the pitch with their heads held high. And when it happens, our fans let us know immediately by singing the anthem. Then I wanted to make a good impression in Italy: not because I had vendettas to consume, but because I am Italian and proud of it . At the same time, I am also happy that Hungary has adopted me sportingly and supports me. I thank the boys, even if we lost. Someone did not express themselves at their best and to be able to score against these teams or we play all eleven in a manner almost flawless or otherwise it is difficult “.

NO CHANGES COMPARED TO ENGLAND – “Because, as we saw in the second half, there were no physical problems. In the second half we grew from the point of view of our condition, we didn’t see anything that suggested fatigue. I thought they could play two games at a distance of three days. Someone paid a little, but it was not foreseeable before. We made the changes when they could be made and you need to have the patience to be able to wait for these changes that are not at the same level as who is playing. , let’s make them mature and let those who are not young grow up but still need to improve “.

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