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Established that on the bench of the national team there will be no more Meo Sacchetti and that his successor will be Gianmarco Pozzeccoit is legitimate to ask what will be the new face ofItalbasket.

The staff

The Poz will be accompanied by a very young staff with the American experience of Riccardo Foisa coach who boasts an important resume such as Paolo Galbiati and a trusted man like Edoardo Casalone. From a tactical point of view, however, he should not change very much, with a canvas always based on a high number of possessions and many archery shots, elements that the new coach likes and always appear to be the most congenial to the human material available.

The changes

As for the choice of 12 it is expected three changes compared to the roster that has played the Olympics with the returns of Marco Belinelli And Luigi Datome, whose convocation seems to have been one of the main points of discord between Sacchetti and Federal President Petrucci. Pozzecco will find space for the two veterans and probably also a Daniel Hackett, giving the historic group the last chance to win a trophy in Azzurro. To give way to Hackett will be Nico Mannion, protagonist of an unlucky season in the Virtus jersey, while Belinelli will take the place of Moraschini, disqualified for doping. Finally, he should enter for Michele Vitali.

These are the probable 12 of Pozzecco.

Play: Daniel Hackett, Alessandro Pajola, Marco Spissu

Guards: Stefano Tonut, Marco Belinelli

Small wings: Simone Fontecchio, Luigi Datome

Big wings: Danilo Gallinari, Achille Polonara, Giampaolo Ricci

Centers: Nicolò Melli, Amedeo Tessitori

The unknowns

However, there are two big questions. First of all the one linked to Hackett: if in the end he does not give availability, a casting will open with the names of Tommaso Baldasso (coached by Pozzecco in Milan) and the prospectus Matteo Spanish, sponsored by Galbiati and the future team manager Peppe Poeta. But the biggest knot to untie is the one related to the presence of Paolo Banchero which at the moment represents a big unknown. It seems difficult to imagine that the center of 2002, in view of his first season in the NBA and after a top-3 choice in the Draft, could finally make his debut in Azzurro, but in that case it would in all probability be Tessitori to give him his place . Towards confirmation Pajola for his defensive attitudes and Spissu, a player for whom Poz dotes, as well as Ricci who this year the coach was able to observe daily in Milan. Procida and Bortolani, however, are still not considered ready for certain stages.

The game and the group

In attack we will see a lot pick and roll but also different solutions in low post with Melli or Gallinari, around which Pozzecco will try to sew the “added point guard” suit that in his Sassari fit perfectly on Miro Bilan. There is no shortage of shooters to punish discharges, in Dinamo as in Italbasket, while Pajola and Tonut will guarantee that pressure on the ball which the new coach really likes. Right on the defensive half it will be necessary to work creating a system capable of protecting the Gallo and the Beli and here Galbiati will come into play, proving to be one defense specialist in the past years. The atypical nature of people like Fontecchio and Polonara (another pupil of the Poz) will guarantee the new Italbasket athleticism, danger from the arc and that international experience that in the past was lacking to “Second violins”.

In this regard, however, the hierarchies will all be established: Sacchetti’s farewell involves the return of some senators, but we must not assume that Datome and Belinelli will be the absolute protagonists. The physical condition, the age limits and what we saw last summer, in fact, suggest a return on tiptoe on their part and possibly of Hackett. But if there is a man suitable to assemble a group, albeit with different souls, that is Gianmarco Pozzecco, beloved by all his players. In this regard, the long summer in withdraw it will certainly be a positive aspect. The Italbasket will meet on June 20 and will be together for about 15 days, then a month of holidays and the new meeting at the beginning of August, from where the long march towards the Europeans will start. A total of a month and a half during which Pozzecco will fix a few things from a tactical point of view (we still expect a simple and essential basketball, without too many frills) but above all he will have to create that chemistry which is his coaching specialty.

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