Hellasmania: partenze eccellenti in vista, Setti sarà pronto a spendere ancora?

Hot days, very hot, not only due to the burning temperatures in the city, but also in the Hellas house, where a period of movement is expected both at the start, is inbound. The transfer market will officially open its doors in a month, but the courtships, coded messages and flattery have already started between many teams and many Serie A players. From the Gialloblù it is now almost certain the farewell of at least two “big”, from Barak to Casale, from Ilic to Simeone. These are the hottest names, but they say accurately how they are things are for now a truly impossible mission, at least until we talk about real figures.

We have talked about departures in recent days, but luckily on the horizon there are possible arrivals, still very smoky of course, but some echoes are coming. Attention! A necessary premise: we speak of echo, therefore words, voices, thoughts that can change and reciprocate day after day. However, we can try to identify where we need to intervene more, that is, how many grafts are needed for each department, in order to give continuity to this year’s performance. All this in the light of a signature that will arrive in the next few hours, namely that of Mr. Cioffi, from Udinese, who will take the place of the well-loved leader Tudor in a truly “hot” change of witnesses.

First of all, let’s start with the defense. Casale will most likely go away and will have to be replaced at least with a respectable profile, given that the back department is traditionally the most solid yellow and blue one. A graft that can start right from the start, in order to give continuity and safety to a game system that will have to be born anew with Cioffi’s ideas. The midfield will be the one that in case of important greetings will have to be reinforced more. I believe that at least two elements must be included, a good-caliber attacking midfielder and at least one winger who knows how to aim the man. Precisely in this sector, the wish I make is that Tameze will find even more centrality within the maneuver, perhaps becoming the pivot around which to build the whole department. Attack chapter instead, in case of Simeon’s departure, you will have to intervene again for a striker that can give continuity and concreteness of goals. Unfortunately, once again the purchases made, see Lasagna, were not up to par in terms of implementation. There is a Cancellieri who is growing and who needs time, but also a companion who can be a guide for him. Maybe it’s time to find one.

These are obviously all assumptions, thoughts and hopes. However, everything will have to go through the scrutiny of the company, which will first have to express itself around the budget it will want to use in this purchasing campaign, especially in the case of major sales. Will Setti be willing to spend again this year? This seems to be the biggest unknown that hovers in these sultry June days.

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