Hackett, Melli, ma è la notte di Jerian Grant. L’Olimpia Milano si porta sul 2-1

It’s Jerian Grant night. Olimpia Milano wins game-3 94-82 and goes on 2-1.


Shields starts with 8 points, Milan puts the first three triples, 17-10 after not even 4 ‘with 5 from Bentil and 4 from Datome, while VIrtus has 5 from Weems. 19-10 after recovery by Bentil and support from Shields (already four supports for Milan) and Scariolo timeout at 5.24. Olimpia essentially in command at the start, Melli scores at 2.51 and is fouled for 25-14. Cordinier 3 and Shengelia in post respond for 25-14, Sampson scores and is fouled after an excellent attack Virtus for 27-22 at 1.22, and Belinelli after a wrong touch by Melli puts the 27-25. 31-27 of Biligha on the siren.


Virtus has changed gear in defense, and Hackett at 8.42 puts the triple of 31-32. Milan throws off two attacks, Melli breaks the diet with 5 points, the race becomes more tense. Third foul on Melli, then foul in attack Virtus and technician on Scariolo, Datome sets the free and Shields hits from the average (41-38 at 5 ‘). Bentil puts the triple of 44-38 for 8-0 at 3.15. Milan goes 48-40, here the response of the champion Teodosic immediately from 3, then another triple from the Serbian and Shengelia takes the rebound: 2/2 and 48-45. It is the end of the first half, 14 by Shields, 8 by Teodosic and Shengelia.


Lower pace at the start of the second half, on 53-52 Messina timeout with Virtus who remains in contact, here the block by Hines on Shengelia and Melli puts the bomb of 56-52, and then also the basket and foul for him for 59 -54 to 5.15. It is the fourth of a sumptuous Hacketto, 15 points, also assists for Beli’s triple for 64-61 at 3 ‘. On the other hand, Melli rises to 17, Baldasso triple for 71-63 to 1.43. So here’s Grant’s 5 for 76-65 at 20 ”, then Alibegovic’s triple table, then Grant again for 78-68 at 1.48.


Melli still playing for +12, the tension is back to high. Foul in attack by Shengelia, unsportsmanlike to him and technician in Messina. But Virtus with Belinelli finds 81-72, then Grant still in the gypsy, but Teodosic reads well two cuts from Beli for 83-76 at 6.10. Grant puts the bomb of 86-76. Chacho returns and puts 89-78 (Olimpia in bonus), Teodosic puts yet another triple as a phenomenon (90-81), and Hackett in the line after Shields’ error makes the tenth free of his race wrong. Delicate moment of the match with Milan losing the ball badly in attack, but Jaiteh misses the jumper and Melli on the siren scores 92-82 at 2.42. Hackett is wrong, Hines on the other side makes 2/2 for the +12 to 2.18, Weems’ mistake, Pajola’s mistake,

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