GreenJim: the startup that combines fitness, tech and green arrives

L’work out? Where I want, when I want, how I want and with who I want, even alone, with or without a personal trainer: now you can. Does work give you no respite? Was the plane or train delayed? Do you have tight deadlines that do not allow you to pass / go to your club-club? No problem, from next autumn the possibilities of training just a few steps away from where you are, whether it is home, office, vacation, in Italy or even abroad will increase exponentially. In the end, the concept is that of gym sharing, which can be accessed as if to book a scooter, a bike or a car sharing car. It will be enough to have the right app at the right time to enter the new world. That of one digitization at the service of people and their well-being which almost systematically coincides with free time, increasingly put at risk by the unsustainable rhythms of today’s life.

Fitness, wellness and business

And theapp right, in this case, corresponds to the innovative startup, strictly Italian, of GreenJim. Yet another demonstration of how fitness never stops evolving, but being connected with the needs of ordinary people and with the technological progress of which we are now an integral part, it is in constant motion. Movement in change, because in parallel they evolve, improve the increasingly advanced, complete, modern training techniques. Here you are, GreenJimthe startup, conceived and built by the founder Claudio D’Alessio, son of Gigi, started precisely from the analysis of a sector which, while changing, remains anchored to a 30-year-old business model. That the fitness from the American beaches and gyms he arrived in Europe in his time, it is well known. From the first body builders of that time, to the advanced functional of today, we have come a long way. To the point that now the turnover of the sector, in Italy alone, exceeds 10 billion euros, which becomes 26.3 in Europe, even better than the 23.3 in the United States. And attendance, certified, in gyms-clubs throughout Italy exceeds 20 million “practitioners”. Numbers which generate a growth in the sector business of 6.4%, almost double the global economic growth. An authentic people, indeed, that of the common people. He invents his sport, his ration of movement every day, a sort of daily Olympics. And that in its universe it has become an industry. And today in GreenJim you can find the first fitness club chain in the world that offers innovative services thanks to the use of digital devices. In short, we are talking about the first fully automated format of the sector, without the need for external personnel other than the one who takes care of the cleaning.

Digitization and services for all

Already, number crazy: but how many are those who give up for reasons of organization, time, the practical possibility of carving out a space for themselves because they are forced to follow the beautiful ritual of the gym-club with its distances, its places and its times? “GreenJim’s mission – explains D’Alessio – is precisely to automate and thus simplify a sector that, despite the success it continues to have, in many respects has remained firm at a certain organizational standard, which works, certainly and must be respected. But that can also be improved, optimized. The result is an attempt to build an industry 4.0 in the fitness segment following an innovative business model. Our clubs will be distributed in lots of 10/15 units per district in the main urban centers; universities, coworking spaces and even large companies. It is a format designed to be exported easily all over the world ». The business model is that of franchising and after the opening of the first units in October between Rome, Milan and Naples, over 50 “affiliations” are already in the pipeline for the beginning of 2023.

What the facilities offer

L’objective of GreenJim is to create rooms where to practice sports, entirely dedicated to one or (at your choice) more users respecting the three pillars of the project. And that is privacy-security (with video surveillance and remote assistance 24 hours a day), sustainability with the use of eco-sustainable materials and innovation that is enhanced thanks to the use of a so-called tree-like nanotechnology capable of breaking down pollutants and viral agents present in the air. and consequently guarantee a much higher quality than, for example, an outdoor work out. We are talking about spaces that will vary from 130 to 160 square meters, depending on the number of rooms equipped with exclusive Technogym machinery, person trainer by appointment, wifi, iOS and Android app, coffee zone, demotics, remote control, digital opening and closing, changing room private, music and plasma tv. In short, the best for an exclusivity that does not exclude accessibility.

How does it work

But how works GreenJim? Simple, intuitive, almost banal: you download the GreenJim App on your smartphone (or on the device you want), an intuitive interface that will allow you to geo-locate the nearest gym and book it alone, in company, possibly even in a group with or without a personal trainer. The gym room will be accessed through an access code system managed by Green Jim’s home automation. That will also allow you to manage each function, also automated, such as music, lights, temperature, video and distributors of energy products. With the GreenJim App every service offered will be managed, from registration to payment, from booking to automated room management. Do not miss the dedicated Customare care with a live chat available to respond to every need of users. The entrance fees – still to be defined – will vary from 12 to 15 euros depending on whether the intervention of the person trainer is required and the cost refers to the 60 minutes of the training-lesson, with the possibility of access 15 minutes before and another 30 minutes for a shower.

Target young people and person trainers

One of many mission of the GreenJim project is about young people. «Today’s relationship between digital natives and sport is obsolete – explains D’Alessio -. The huge development technological causes the majority of young people, especially adolescents, to abandon sports activities. Well, one of my dreams is to help bring many young people closer to sport, offering them an innovative, easy, modern and accessible solution from an economic point of view ». Another delicate key, that of personal trainers: «In Italy – concludes the founder of GreenJim – there are about 120 thousand personal trainers, over 70% of these professionals, who carry out numerous private lessons. The fitness centers in which they operate oblige them to return about 30% of their revenue and most of the time also to pay a subscription for the use of the room. Thanks to GreenJim personal trainers will no longer have this problem, they will be able to operate independently and above all for free in all our centers based on openings. In addition, our app will have a section dedicated to them, guaranteeing free access to all fitness clubs and the ability to update their weekly calendar ». An ambitious program, but with very interesting contents. “With GreenJim we aim to impose ourselves on the international scene by occupying a slice of the market that today seems to no longer possess the characteristics requested by users”. The workout? Where you want, when you want, how and with whoever you want.

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