Gravina: "Enough talking about repechage, it doesn't make us credible"

BOLOGNA“If we continue to talk about the repechage we become not very credible. Football has winners and losers: Italy has not qualified and will not participate in the world championship. If we need to change the rules we will work on it later, but we cannot continue to say of the things that put us in a position to be fooled. Credibility comes from a series of projects on which we are also working to have sustainable football “. These are the words of the president of the Football Association, Gabriele Gravinain Bologna where it is scheduled Italy-Germany of Nations League. “A few weeks ago we launched a new operating mode – goes on -, we must work trying to be concentrated all together in regaining credibility, an expression that I believe should be enriched with some contents. I disagree in saying that we need to start from scratch, we have launched a medium-long term program and we know that there are difficulties but let’s move on “.

Gravina believes in it: “We are well positioned to host Euro 2032”

“Miss your resignation? I love to face problems”

Gravina then returned to the failure to qualify for the World Cup adding: “I would like to make it clear what the act of resignation could have generated. We are trying to work on an important project, do you think that my and Mancini’s resignations would have generated positive or devastating effects ?. My sense of responsibility is not linked to the chair. , I love to face problems, I take responsibility and we have to work on this “. Then on young: “We cannot think of having important guys in terms of talent at the age of 18-19 and then not give the opportunity to unleash the talent to transform him into a champion. We are not credible when on the one hand we demand qualification and we want to achieve an important result and then on the other there are the official requests to bring non-EU citizens from two to eight, ten, or even without limits “. Finally, the president of the FIGC expects an important one reaction after recent defeats: “At the moment our national team is suffering, we have lost 5-6 players of great international level who led us to win the European Championship, others are very tired, someone is starting to report age problems, someone else has stopped. I am waiting for a match linked to a reaction of pride, not a sporting result that cannot solve our problems or make them worse. I am convinced that we must continue to work, that the Federation must carry out this project with conviction “.


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