Golden State one step away from the title: everything you need to know about the NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors And Boston Celticsthe final verdict is getting closer and closer: never like this year Nba Finals (visible live on NOW and told by the team of Sky Sports NBA) are dedicated to the show with continuous reversals in front of them, comebacks in an epic sauce and challenges that are decided at the photo finish. On the one hand there is the history of the stars and stripes basketball, the Boston Celtics, one of the symbolic franchises of American basketball; on the other hand, the recent past, the present and the future of the ‘made in USA’ wedge ball, the Warriors of the mentor Steve Kerr. But that’s not all: Golden State-Boston is the challenge between two sacred monsters of American basketball between the ’50s and’ 60s, Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain, and today’s super-challenge, the one between Stephen Curry And Jayson Tatum, which keeps all fans in suspense. Race-6, scheduled for the early hours of June 17, will deliver the final verdict: Warriors triumph over 4-2 or Celtics draw with, in the background, a ‘win or die’ game-7. To posterity (basketball) the arduous sentence.

Warriors and Celtics: all roads lead … to the Finals

If someone had wagered a single penny on the Boston Celtics at the NBA Finals last November, they would have easily been labeled a deranged lunatic. It was October 2021 when the Massachusetts franchise was sailing the bad waters of the Eastern Conference with a thrilling record: 18 wins and 21 defeats in the first 39 races of the season in the regular season. In January, however, the Boston season took place: coach Ime Udoka compact environment and group and the Celtics are transformed. The regular season ends with a resounding record of 51-31 and one unexpected second place to the east, behind the Miami. Heat Hence the triumphal ride to the playoffs: sweep with the Brooklyn Nets in the first round, 4-3 at heart-pounding ai quarter-finals against the Bucks reigning champions e apotheosis in Miamiin race-7, against the Heat of the scarecrow Jimmy Butler. If the Celtics’ path to the Finals takes on all the guise of a glorious ride, the other finalist, Golden State’s seasonal path is more linear and less arduous. Coach Steve Kerr’s Warriors, third in the West with a record of 53-29, literally “strolled” in the post-season: 4-1 in the first round of Nuggets4-2 trimmed ai Grizzlies in the quarter-finals and 4-1 in the semifinals with i Dallas Mavericks that they have been able to little against the overwhelming power of Steph Curry and Kyle Thompson.

Nba Finals: history smiles on the Celtics

There is, to date, only one precedent between the two franchises at the Finals and smiles in Boston. It was the 1963-1964 season and coach Red Auerbach’s Celtics gave a sound lesson to the then San Francisco Warriors. After the first two games easily won by the Celtics with Samuel Jones’ 59 points overall, the series moves to San Francisco with the Warriors reopening the games in Game-3 with Wilt’s double double (35 points and 25 rebounds) Chamberlain. In game-4, in the infernal basin of the ‘Cow Palace’ in Daly City, everyone expects a draw from the hosts, galvanized by the triumph in the third game but the Celtics silence the almost 15 thousand of the Californian facility. Sumptuous proof of the usual Bill Russell who limits as much as possible the excessive technical and physical power of Wilt Chamberlain and turns off any ambitions of the Californian franchise. The happy end-Celtics arrived on April 26, 1964: at the Boston Garden, the final 105-99 ended the series at 4-1 and earned the seventh title to the Massachusetts franchise. Fifty-eight years later, history repeats itself and is played once again for the ring: the Celtics dream of their 18th title to beat the Lakers and thus become the most successful team in America. Golden State is looking for the fourth ring in eight seasons, the seventh overall (last triumph in 2018, 4-0 in the final at the Cavs LeBron James). In the last regular season, however, the balance between the two finalists is in perfect equality: on December 18, 2021, the Warriors conquer the TD Garden in Boston for 111-107: Steph Curry the star of the evening with 30 points on the scoresheet. Boston rematch on March 17, 2022 with double double by Jayson Tatum (26 points and 12 rebounds) and Celtics winning 110-88 in San Francisco.

Nba Finals, the Curry-Tatum duel is worth a season

12 years after the last Finals played (it was the 2009-2010 season, a 4-3 defeat with the Lakers in an unforgettable series), the Boston Celtics rely on the sensational season played by their brightest star, Jayson Tatum. The Celtics winger dragged him into the decisive Miami game-7 in the Conference Finals and in the races so far in the Finals (always on the scoresheet with over 20 points except in Game-1, in the shade with only 12 points in his signature). Considered one of the best players of his generation, Tatum is an absolute level profile, a 1998 class who has all the credentials to at least be able to emulate the deeds of two world basketball legends: Paul PierceMvp of the 2008 Finals in the Boston jersey, and the unforgettable one Kobe Bryant. Tatum also won the new award established by the NBA as the best player of the Conference finals (in the East the title is dedicated to his majesty Larry Bird). Same recognition for Stephen Curry: the MVp of the Western Conference finals (award dedicated to another basketball legend, Magic Johnson) is a complete player. One of those profiles that binds its name to the history of a sport but above all a war machine on its sixth participation in the Finals in eight seasons. Do not need many introductions for Curry, for him a few numbers are enough to certify the impressive value of the player: last December 14, in Indianapolis against the Pacers, he became the player with the most triple scored in the history of the NBA by beating the record of 2973 arches belonging to Ray Allen. Not happy, two weeks later, on December 28, 2021, he becomes the first and only player in NBA history to overcome the 3,000 shots scored from his career arc in a match against the Nuggets. Wiped out records and quality in power: the NBA is Curry-centric.

Celtics-Warriors: the protagonists of the Finals

The last act between Celtics and Warriors does not betray the expectations and proves to be spectacular: with a 3-2 lead in the series, Golden State now has the opportunity to close the games in Game-6, scheduled for Thursday 17 June at the TD Garden in Boston, and to get their hands on the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. The architect of the Warriors project is Steve Kerrexpert in triumphs both on the field and on the bench: protagonist of the second three-peat with the Bulls of Michael Jordan, Toni Kukoc, Scottie Pippen And Dennis Rodman and of the two historic successes of the Spurs in 1999 and 2003, the former Chicago and San Antonio guard got a taste for it even with the slate in his hand. With the Warriors he has in fact won the ring on three occasions: 2015, 2016 and 2018. The fourth triumph seems very close even if the Finals are more balanced than one might think: after the 2-1 Celtics in race-3, Golden State she has always found herself with her back to the wall and with the pressure, sometimes unmanageable, of those who have to chase and cannot afford to make mistakes. But the habit of the ‘Warriors’ of San Francisco to manage the most difficult moments has shown itself in its best version: with a Klay Thompson fully recovered (returned to the field in January after the cruciate ligament injury of the left knee in June 2019 and the injury to the right Achilles tendon in November 2020), the physicality of Draymond Green, the athletic freshness of Jordan Poole and the decisive contribution of players like Andrew Wiggins (decisive in rebounds in game-3 and 4) and Gary Payton II, Golden State is only one step away from glory. But beware of the ‘bad boys’ of Boston who will sell their skin dearly in order to bring the series to race-7. Marcus Smart, soul of the green franchise, Robert Williams III, one of the most interesting players in his role on both sides of the field and the star Tatum are ready for ‘Not in my house’: at the TD Garden in Boston, for game-6, only the victory of the hosts is contemplated.

Nba Finals: the results and the next appointments

G1 – Golden State Warriors-Boston Celtics 108-120
G2 – Golden State Warriors-Boston Celtics 107-88
G3 – Boston Celtics-Golden State Warriors 116-100
G4 – Boston Celtics-Golden State Warriors 97-107
G5 – Golden State Warriors-Boston Celtics 104-94
G6 – Boston Celtics-Golden State Warriors: Friday 17 June at 3.00 in streaming on NOW
G7 * – Golden State Warriors-Boston Celtics: Monday 20 June at 2.00 in streaming on NOW

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