Gnonto, Serie A wakes up: it costs 7 million

BOLOGNA – If coach Mancini launched it and Italy discovered it in an early summer night, now the market spotlight will turn on Degnand Wilfried Gnonto, making him one of the most sought after prey. Not surprisingly, an hour after his debut with Germany, his name was compared to the Monza of Berlusconi and Galliani. He who knows how many other suitors will emerge. The only real poll, in Serie A, was from Sassuolo and dates back to a few weeks ago. Chief Carnevali keeps it in a list of possible alternatives in the event that Raspadori is sold. Verona and Turin have been informed. A similar profile would suit Sarri’s Lazio. Yesterday he was compared to Rome and Fiorentina. Everyone is looking for young people and the contractual conditions are favorable. Interest will multiply. For now, in practice, there are no negotiations and Wilfried is waiting. Here is the point that interests the family and the prosecutors most: the technical path, the possibility of playing regularly, an indispensable condition for continuing on the path of growth. The same reason had prompted him, in the midst of the pandemic and in the spring of 2020, to leave Inter, skipping the step in the Spring, to accept the Swiss club’s proposal. More than the economic agreement relating to the contract (it would not have been longer than three years for personal reasons), the project illustrated by Zurich and an occupation for mother Chantal, a waitress, at the time remained unemployed in Verbania due to the lockdown. Wilfried left well with Inter, resigned to losing him as a free agent: 120 thousand euros in compensation in the form of a “youth training bonus” for having raised him in the youth sector.

Supermarket Italy: 14 blues with the suitcase ready

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Supermarket Italy: 14 blues with the suitcase ready

The Champions

Two years have passed. Gnonto won the Super League title, scoring 8 goals (with 3 assists) in 33 appearances, and even before the promotion established by coach Mancini he was starting to think about his future. The contract with Zurich expires on 30 June 2023. There are two scenarios ahead: the sale, allowing the club to monetize, or the farewell at maturity in a year, a less likely hypothesis. «We thank Zurich for the opportunity they have given us. We will try to find an agreement »explained Claudio Vigorello, his agent since the time of the Inter youth teams. Gnonto’s card is valued at 7-8 million, but it could be taken for less. Towards the end of the summer, the price will drop. One key is linked to the harmony with Zurich, awaited by the Champions qualifiers: the Swiss club would like to keep him until the end of August, trying to reach the groups.

From abroad

Much could depend on the fate of Andrè Breitenreiter, the German coach who has just dragged Zurich to win the championship. He is destined to return to Germany to take over the leadership of Hoffenheim and in this case he would push for the purchase of Gnonto. It is paradoxical that Italian companies have only woken up now. The striker of Ivorian origins, compared to Sterling for his explosiveness and low center of gravity, has been in the sights of several European clubs for months. Freiburg followed him in the Bundesliga. From Belgium there were polls in Antwerp, Bruges and Anderlecht. Wilfried was also associated with the Dutch of Ajax and PSV Eindhoven.

European Under 19

Without the Bologna explosion, Gnonto would have been destined for a new transfer abroad. Even now it cannot be ruled out, calculating lower pressures and expectations compared to the Italian championship. An intermediate step, with greater possibilities of use, would allow it to gradually mature. Serie A, of course, will dive into the surprise of the national team. We’ll see what happens. He has not yet turned 19, he will have to manage visibility and the coming months with caution. In the immediate future, the first choice will still be linked to blue. Nations ends on 14 in Germany. On the 18th the European Championship begins in Slovakia for Nunziata’s Under 19 team. Gnonto is on the list. Now in Coverciano they will have to decide whether to keep him in the group or give him a minimum of vacation.

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