Giulia Gennari is the director of Bergamo

BERGAMO– Giulia Gennari will be the director of Volley Bergamo 1991 for the 2022-2023 season. The Roman setter, new champion of Italy with Imoco Conegliano, after three seasons that earned her a Club World Cup, a Champions League, two Scudetti, three Italian Cups and three Italian Super Cups, is ready to get involved, at the service of the rossoblù group that is shaping itself from week to week.


Giulia Gennari was born in Rome on 23 June 1996. In the 2011-12 season she was in Ostia in B2, the following year she joined the Italian Club, in B1, where she remained for two years. In 2014-15 you are still in Serie B1 with Marsala. In 2015-16 she moved to Pesaro, in A2 and in the same category she also plays the following year wearing the Soverato shirt. In the 2017-18 championship she moves to Libertas Martignacco, in B1, where she wins promotion to A2 and where she also plays in the 2018-19 season. In 2019-2020 she was hired by Imoco Conegliano, with whom she won three Italian Super Cups, the Club World Cup, three Italian Cups, two Scudetti and a Champions League


Bergamo represents a lot, because it will be my first year as a starter in A1, therefore for me it’s like the start. From now on you will see my “first time” in many things … a starting point. Is mine a fundamental role? Certainly important. I know that in decisive moments it is even more so and it is a big responsibility, but so far I think I have lived it without this weight: I do what I have to do and I don’t constantly play with the thought that everything passes through my hands. I work on this responsibility during training, but in the game I go without worries “.

The stages of her career, from Club Italia to Pesaro, from Soverato to Conegliano, make her an expert and winning setter:

«I’ve changed a lot over the years, I’ve traveled a lot, changed teams and categories, as a starter and not. I have had many experiences, but this last one at Imoco is the one that changed me most of all. I think and hope it made me ready for a year as a starter in Bergamo. The victories? They teach how to prepare: seen from the outside it is thought that it is easy and obvious, because you start as a favorite, but behind there is always a lot of commitment and a lot of work and what arrives is never taken for granted. Surely I learned to set goals and work with my head down until they are achieved. The most exciting? Absolutely the World Cup and the Champions League last year, but also this year’s Scudetto, suffered and even more beautiful for this too “.

Three years with one of the strongest setters, Asia Wolosz, were decisive:

“I hope I learned everything from her! I hope as much as possible, because I respect and admire her as a player, athlete and person ».

She will have to get to know all the new companions quickly and be able to give each one what she needs. This is the first and greatest commitment that the lifter role requires:

«I already know some companions and this is a little step forward. I met the others on the fields as opponents: many important girls, playing against them was complicated, so I think it will be a good team, not easy to beat … Ours will be a very competitive group: I already like it a lot “.

But before starting the new adventure:

“Training, home and vacation are the three components of the summer that awaits me”.

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