Giorgia Frosini is the opposite of Bergamo


Giorgia Frosini was born in Bologna on November 29, 2002, daughter of the basketball player Alessandro Frosini. Grown up in the Verona Team, with whom she made her debut in Serie C at just over 13, in the 2016-17 season she moved to Pool Piave, the youth sector of Imoco Conegliano, where she completed her youth path by competing in the Serie B1 championships and B2. Starting from the 2019-20 season she wears the Club Italia jersey and participates in the A2 championship. Two years later, in the 2021-22 vintage, she returns to Imoco, in Serie A1, and she wins the Italian Super Cup, the Italian Cup and the Scudetto. With the Italian national team she wins the European Under 16 Championship 2017, the silver medal at the European Under 17 Championship 2018 and at the Under 18 World Championship 2019, where she is awarded as Best Opposite of the tournament, and wins the world title at the Under World Championship. 20 2021.


I hope to learn and play a lot, because one year on the bench in Conegliano made me come want to carve out my space on the pitch. I would like to find my place and help a lot in the gym by bringing some of my energy: I’m someone who likes to do her part and never give up. You will know me on the field… ».

Club Italia and Imoco are the stages that have shaped it.

«The experience of Club Italia is what formed me, because two A2 championships as a starter propelled me towards life as a professional immediately after leaving the Imoco youth sector. The A1 was a different planet instead. At the beginning with an important impact. But I learned how much sacrifice and how much work in the gym you have to put in. Nothing is taken for granted, you always have to give your best, because drops are not accepted during the season. I had the honor of training with very strong and temperamentally fantastic companions “.

She grew up in the Veneto and in Club Italia before taking flight to Imoco and her first successes.

«But for the future I would like to win in a different way, as a protagonist! Yes, I grew up in a sports family, even if sport is not at the center of our discussions, because Dad never wanted to put any pressure on me. I learned from him watching him: his life as a basketball player was normal for me ».

The determination in work and the importance of focusing on oneself and on one’s personal path and not on the history of others are his teachings.

“I saw his many sacrifices, away from his family, and I understood that they are necessary.”

Emma Cagnin played an important role in her arrival in Bergamo. They will spend a blue summer together, before starting a new journey with the Volley Bergamo 1991 shirt.

We have known each other since we were 13, we did the Imoco and National youth teams together and we are great friends. She talked to me about Bergamo, society, the environment and how well she felt, she didn’t want to leave this place and inspired me to move here “.

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