Giant Rome: with Matic in six they exceed 1.90

ROME – With Matic Rome goes up. Level up, he hopes Mourinho. But in the meantime he grows in terms of centimeters, as the coach likes. In the theoretical starting line-up you see on the side, made up of players currently available to play, even six are tall from 1.90 upwards. Smalling and Matic are the peaks, at an altitude of 1.94. But there are also Abraham, Zaniolo, Rui Patricio And Mancini who are not joking.

Giant Rome

It is a team of cuirassiers, which already last season exercised their muscles on set pieces: many goals arrived thanks to inactive balls, many goals were avoided with jumpers in the penalty area (Abraham in the lead). The lowest, just think, today would be Karsdorp, who is a powerful full-back and still measures 1.84. The three Azzurri Pellegrini, Spinazzola and Cristante arrive at 1.86, the combative Ibañez at 1.85. In the duels the new Rome will not be intimidated by anyone.


He always tried to shape his works like this, Mourinho. Strong people, with weight, not only for their personality but also for their body. And the company, starting with the Friedkins who share its ambition, is complying with all requests, compatibly with the needs of the budget. Matic was an opportunity to be seized, not only because he was on a free transfer but also because he is a loyal loyalist of Mourinho. The two exchanged pampering between interviews, social media and private phone calls. The technical reunion, after the fruitful relationship with Chelsea and Manchester United, was almost physiological. And it became even easier after Mkhitaryan’s farewell to Rome, a very different player but with a similar parameter in terms of age and contractual situation.

The landing

Matic, who before accepting the call for Roma was agreeing with Fulham, is currently on vacation with his wife Aleksandra on the Turkish beaches but in the next few days he will arrive in Rome for medical examinations and the signing of the contract, which will be a masked biennial: the 1 + 1 formula will be easily overcome if Matic proves important enough for the team to play at least half of the games (even starting from the bench). Knowing Mourinho and scrolling through Matic’s history also at Manchester United, there should be no doubts about the renewal, which will also allow Roma to take advantage of the growth decree: the player will earn 3.5 million more bonuses but the Friedkin will cost about 5, not 7. Non-trivial curiosity: Matic is proudly Serbian but also communitarian, because through two seasons of militancy in the Slovakian league he obtained the double passport. He will therefore not occupy one of the slots reserved by Serie A for new foreign players. With Serbia he participated in the 2018 World Cup but decided to leave the national team in November 2019, after 48 appearances and 2 goals. In Rome he could wear the jersey number 21, which he had at Benfica and Chelsea, or the most recent 31: in Trigoria they are free and ready for him.

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Matic-Roma, all the curiosities to know

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