We interviewed Giancarlo Padovanwho took stock of the latest news from transfer market and on the next season Serie A. In particular, the reporter analyzed how some hot names combined with the big Italians would change the physiognomy and the competitiveness of the latter.

Giancarlo, in the season that has just ended, Inter has shown that they need a deputy Brozovic, now tracked down in Asllani, who would be one step away from the club, and some additions that allow them to have a bench up to the level of the owners . In light of these needs, how much can the possible Dybala-Lukaku operation, the purchase of Mkhitaryan and the pressing for Bremer be crucial moves for next season? Is Skriniar to be held in advance or can he leave in front of an important offer?

In my opinion, Skriniar can leave. He is a good player, a great scorer, but his feet are revisable: he doesn’t know how to set up and technically he’s not the best. Should Bremer arrive, I would let Skriniar go, obviously at a higher figure than that of the Turin defender. Asllani may be the deputy Brozovic, even if the Croatian, in a sense, is unique, while Mkhitaryan may be the substitute or alternative to Calhanoglu. As for Dybala and Lukaku, they are two extraordinary players: if they are well, and I am referring above all to the Argentine, they can make the difference for Inter. The Lautaro-Dybala-Lukaku trio would be the luck of all the Italian teams and beyond. I therefore consider the Inter market to be very good. However, we should understand which will be the outgoing one: the company will presumably have to sell Dumfries, but I would not want it to lead to the sacrifice, as well as Skriniar, which I believe will go away, also of Lautaro Martinez: it is true that Lukaku would arrive but, in my opinion, Lautaro with Lukaku and Dybala or alternatively to them would constitute another attack, an absolutely stronger offensive unit.

Napoli has lost its captain and flag Lorenzo Insigne, and now also risks losing players who have proved to be important pieces in recent years, such as Koulibaly, Mertens and Fabian Ruiz, while Victor Osimhen, the protagonist of a great season, is receiving the court of some big foreign companies. From what and from whom should the Neapolitan club start again?

It should start from Koulibaly, even if I think it will go away. Certainly Mertens will go away, there are also strong doubts about Osimhen’s stay and many others about that of Fabian Ruiz. Frankly, I don’t know who Napoli has to start from. I think the club will make a profound revolution, and in the end there will be more players left than arrived. For this reason, it will be a transitory year for Napoli, and it’s a shame, because this year they can count on the money from the Champions League, which they couldn’t do last year. Paradoxically, last season’s team will be significantly stronger than the one they build this year. Given the fluid situation of the Neapolitan club, I don’t see players to bet on and to start from again, because they are all subject to transfer. Maybe Demme and Lobotka could be useful, but we’re talking about lower profiles than the players who leave.

Milan, champions of Italy, are now aiming to consolidate the group and insert some pawns that can raise the level and allow the Rossoneri club to compete in the Champions League as well. Which are Pioli’s non-transferables and which profiles to look for, in light of the latest names circulating on the Rossoneri market? In which department does Milan have to intervene most to be competitive in Europe too?

The attack. Milan are struggling to score: this season they have scored more with the midfielders than with the forwards. The Rossoneri club has a great goalkeeper, a good defense made up of four important players such as Kalulu, Tomori, Calabria and Hernandez. There are rumors that Botman will arrive, who will probably have to contend for the job with Kalulu (and who perhaps will conquer). In front he took Origi, who can be the alternative to Giroud, and he is also focusing on De Ketelaere, a multipurpose player like Pellegrini of Roma. The Belgian can do many things: he can play as an attacking midfielder, midfielder and also as a striker. Then there is another name that circulates, even if I don’t know how reliable it is, which is that of Renato Sanches, a player who would go into tactical conflict with Bennacer. But the Rossoneri team has the most important name at home, and it is that of Sandro Tonali, the player from whom to start again and on which to build a great Milan.

How would you see a possible return of Pogba in the Juventus midfield? With the trident Chiesa-Di Maria-Vlahovic would Juventus return one of the favorites for the next championship?

With Chiesa-Di Maria-Vlahovic, yes, she would once again be one of the favorites. However, doubts remain about Di Maria’s arrival, there is still a very pronounced push and pull between the companies, but this triptych could be a power up there. Furthermore, the Serbian could be replaced by Morata. It would be a strong Juventus. There are many unknowns about Pogba: in 5 years at United he hasn’t won anything, if not the things that Mourinho made him win, namely the League Cup, the Europa League and the Community Shield. The midfielder has done little, he has seen little in recent years, has suffered many injuries. Sure, Pogba would be better than anyone Juventus has at the moment, so the club would win. Behind I find it a bit outdated with Alex Sandro, but otherwise Bonucci, Danilo and De Ligt (if confirmed, but I think so) are reliable players. With the purchase of Di Maria, Juventus would certainly make the leap in quality.

On the wave of the enthusiasm given by the victory of the Conference League and the sixth place in Serie A, where can Mourinho’s Roma arrive next season with the right transfer market additions? The names circulating in these hours are those of Frattesi, Celik and Aouar, as well as the purchase of Matic.

The arrival of Matic is important: he is a physical and technical midfielder, he knows how to be a director and he also knows how to fit in. He is a really good buy. Now the problem is to keep Cristante, because Milan and Juventus would like him, and to decide something about Zaniolo’s future. Regardless of who arrives, Nicolò is an important player, who scored the decisive goal in the Conference final, in a game of great balance in which scoring is complex. Despite this, I believe that Zaniolo could be sold. For the rest, lifting a European cup that has been missing for 61 years gives great motivation, so you want to win and repeat yourself. Winning the championship is still a distant goal, Inter, Milan and Juve are ahead of Rome, but the club can aim for fourth place, possibly in the Italian Cup, which has been missing for a while, and also wanting to the Europa League. A double in Europe would be fantastic, even if perhaps difficult.

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