Giacomo Carrera è il nuovo Club Manager della Bertram Derthona

It took place today, Tuesday 7 June 2022, in Romita room of the Municipality of Tortona, which we thank for the concession, the press conference for the conclusion of the Bertram Derthona sports season. On this occasion it was presented to the media and fans Giacomo Carreranew Club Manager of society.

After the institutional greeting of the Mayor Federico Chiodilandlord, the President took the floor Marco Picchi and the Chief Executive Officer Ferencz Bartocciwho retraced the stages of an exciting and historic season and then introduced Giacomo Carrerawhich thus becomes part of the Club’s organization chart.

CAREER – Born in Casale Monferrato on 24 January 1981, Giacomo took his first steps as a player in the youth sector of the Junior Casale, a team from his city. After having played in all the youth teams, he made his debut in the first team, militant in Serie C2, in 1997. His playing career, in the regional championships, continued until 2012.

At the same time, starting from 2005 he began working as a coach and collaborator in the Junior Casale headquarters, before becoming Team Manager in 2011. He retains this role until the summer of 2018, working alongside Marco Martelli (General Manager) and coaches like Marco Crespi, Andrea Valentini, Giulio Griccioli and Marco Ramondino.

From 2018 to 2020 he is General Manager of the Club, a position he also retains in the last two years at JB Monferrato (company born in summer 2020). Carrera is also in possession of a Degree in Sports Science, obtained in Turin with a thesis entitled “The role of the Team Manager in Basketball”.

Now he arrives in Tortona to start a new chapter of his professional adventure.

Like this Marco Picchi, President of Bertram Derthona: “I welcome Giacomo, remembering that our relationship has lasted for several years, ever since we walked the parquet with different results from those of today. Having him with us is a pleasure and a privilege above all because our company line continues, which has been strengthened in recent years thanks to the indications of Doctor Gavio and the inputs of Ferencz Bartocci, according to which every result on the team is paid an investment in the structure. I think this has been a little secret of all these successful years and I think Giacomo is the best purchase we could have made in this area “.

The comment of Ferencz Bartocci, CEO of Bertram Derthona: “Giacomo Carrera is a very experienced young manager. We have known each other for several years, we have challenged each other many times in recent years with Casale Monferrato and, personally, also with other realities. I think he is a really important person to be included in our staff, he is a pure corporate expert with great sports and organizational skills and he will give us that improvement we are looking for from an organizational point of view. He will take care of both the sporting part and the connection with marketing, communication and other aspects “.

The first words of Giacomo Carrera, new Club Manager of Bertram Derthona: “I thank Doctor Gavio, Marco Picchi and Ferencz Bartocci for having wanted me here. For me it is a career advancement that I see not only as a goal but also as the beginning of a new path. In the thanks there are also all the people I worked with in Casale and who made me grow: among these coaches Marco Ramondino with whom I worked for four years and who I am happy to find again. I will do my best as I am used to doing and I hope that the past season will not be unrepeatable but unforgettable, with the hope of achieving increasingly important results “.

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