Gevi Napoli Basket, ingaggiato il playmaker Jordan Howard

Gevi Napoli Basket announces that it has hired the American playmaker, with Puerto Rican nationality, Jordan Howard.
Born in Chandler, Arizona, on January 6, 1996, Howard is a point guard measuring 180cm and weighing 82kg.
Produced by the University of Central Arkansas, averaging 25.1 points in the 2017-2018 season, the new Gevi Napoli Basket player began his career in the G-League with the Texas Legends and Raptors 905 jerseys, ending the 2018- season. 2019 with 12.3 points per game, 2.3 rebounds and 2.6 assists.
In 2019-2020 Howard plays in South Korea with the Goyang Orion Orions, averaging 11.6 points in 18.5 minutes of use and, subsequently, in the Puerto Rican league, season 2020-2021, with the Brujos de Guayama, scoring 18.4 points per game and 4.4 assists, winning the rookie of the year award.
After the experience in the Puerto Rico championship, the point guard of Gevi Napoli Basket played in the G League with Capitanes de Ciudad de México, 15.4 points per game, shooting with an extraordinary 46% from 3 and a season high of 38 points.
Since February 2022 Howard has played in the French top flight with Strasbourg, also a protagonist in the Champions League. In the Bet Clic Elite, the Puerto Rican playmaker scored 12.4 points per game in 21 minutes of use, 44% from long distance. He also excellent his statistics in BCL, 14.6 ppg, with percentages once again above 40%.
Furthermore Jordan Howard is a member of the Puerto Rican national team with which he is competing in the qualifiers for the next edition of the FIBA ​​World Cup.

Howard is ready to accept the Naples challenge.

Coach Maurizio Buscaglia statements

“It’s really great to have Jordan Howard join our team. A player who has the complementary characteristics to the players who are currently part of our team. Jordan can assure us of unpredictability, points, flexibility, leadership, and can play with other outsiders. It is a graft that we wanted, and that we have followed. The trust he has placed in us gives us a lot of satisfaction “.

Statements by Alessandro Bolognesi Sports Director
“Howard is a player with a tremendous offensive talent, able to light up in a very short time, and to give that spark that we believe is always useful for the team. With the arrival of Jordan we complete the point guard package together with David Michineau. They are two complementary and different players, who can play several minutes together. We are really very happy that he is coming to him, and to have put another important piece in our puzzle. Now we focus on the other roles on the roster. “

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