Germania-Italia, le pagelle di CM: Mancini e compagni resuscitano pure Werner, Muller domina. Donnarumma, ancora?

Germany-Italy 5-2


Neuer 6.5: Reactive in denying the joy of the goal to Raspadori after 8 ‘. Then, never committed until Di Marco’s shot, rejected, which leads to Gnonto’s goal.

Klostermann 6: Of the two German outsiders, he is the most blocked in terms of characteristics. Match without smudging.

Sule 6: Orderly game, few difficulties in containing Raspadori and companions. (from 87 ‘ Tah sv)

Rudiger 5.5: Order and security in the rear. Never put in difficulty by the Azzurri, but he concedes the 5-2 to Bastoni.

Raum 7: It gives freshness and some interesting ideas to the left wing of the Germans. He assisted Kimmich for the advantage.

Gundogan 7: Solita quality and dribble in the middle of the field. Cold from the spot for doubling. (from 88 ‘ Stach sv)

Kimmich 7: Bravo to fit in and take advantage of the lack of reactivity of the blue defense on Raum’s cross at 10 ‘, for the 1-0.

J. Hofmann 6.5: A nice German maneuver ends around half an hour: Donnarumma denies him the double. He then has the merit of finding the right time in the insertion from which the penalty kick is born (from 63 ‘ Gnabry 6.5: enters the field and immediately gives Werner an assist for poker)

Muller 7.5: Few balls played in the first half, but always manages to be in the right position to favor his teammates. He scores the three of a kind on the first occasion of the second half. (from 75 ‘ Nmecha sv)

Sané 7: He is the first to be seen near Donnarumma. Interesting ideas.

Werner 8: It is found by heart with the companions behind him. Up to 66 ‘only the goal is missing, then those too arrive. Double and hand. (from 75 ‘ Musiala sv)

Att. Flick 7.5: The team put on the field is memorized. And there is the strong help of the Azzurri.

Curated by Michele Antonelli


Donnarumma 5.5: Little to do about Kimmich who still pierces him after the first leg. He saves the result on Hofmann’s conclusion and gets angry with Spinazzola who sweeps not allowing him to complete the save in two halves. Then he saves on Sané and produces a great intervention on Werner, keeping Italy afloat. Gundogan displaces him. Taken in counter-time on Muller’s 3-0. The usual mistake with his feet lowers his grade by a whole point and a half. But why doesn’t he shoot her away? It would be enough, he remains the best in the field, but enough with these “donnarummate”.

Calabria 4: Raum and Sané tonight would have given many full-backs a headache, he is not helped by the midfielders or the central. Not the ideal match to celebrate the AC Milan captain’s armband. Willing to start shooting, a shot of him gets bricked up. Gnabry goes away behind him at 4-0.

Mancini 4: a little distracted about Werner at the start, but he makes up for it. The problem is that he only manages to patch up his mistake, a little better when the coach of the same name has the three-man defense he plays in Roma mourinhana. (from 77 ‘ Scamacca sv)

5.5 sticks: Kimmich fits between him and Spinazzola on the goal, short circuit of the entire defensive mechanism. Opponents arrive from all sides, as if that were not enough in the general confusion he also hurts himself and loses that little bit of lucidity that distinguished him. The foul on Hofmann was avoidable, penalty for Germany and 0-2. He raises the vote and makes the passive less bitter with the header of 5-2.

Spinazzola 5: Some good sortie forward, encouraging individual signs, but the bad night of his department pays off. Tired just before game time, he’s still not at 100%.

(from 65 ‘ Dimarco 5.5: does not hold the line and keeps Gnabry in play as he passes to Werner. He partially redeems himself with the shot that Neuer saves and that Gnonto reaffirms on the net. Neuer denies him the joy of the goal with a great intervention)

Frattesi 4: much less well than the match against England in which he had found several spaces. Practically zero forward, but the same is also true for those who have occupied even more offensive positions. (from 46 ‘ Scalvini 5.5: Mancini’s 50th deb has a great impact on the midfielder match, but the effect lasts a few minutes)

Cristante 4: it was probably he who had to worry about Kimmich’s insertion in the area. He struggles to contain the attacks of the Germans, but he plays the charge with a nice shot in the second half and he deserves credit for the positive attitude. Overwhelmed with the passing of the minutes despite the attitude of the beginning of recovery.

Stretcher 5: he often tries from afar, it is not an evening for the blue midfield engine. Good insertion after the 3-0 German with the protests for the goal not validated, but the position was irregular

Gnonto 5.5: a lot of will, he almost reaffirms on the net after Neuer’s save on Raspadori (he was offside), but the German full-backs are graceful in the evening. Clearly anticipated by Sule in the action that leads to the third goal. Performance to be forgotten until the goal of the flag, which confirms his role as blue hope

Raspadori 5: amazing Neuer on him, it was not a simple impact with the ball. He runs and fights among the thugs of the opposing defense, but he seems really too light to be a first striker as he himself says. (from 46 ‘ Caprari 5.5: gives Italy a bit of unpredictability, good entry but with a compromised game. And then goes off with the rest of the blue formation)

Politano 5: his play succeeds perfectly on the occasion of Neuer’s parade on Raspadori. Then little else, until Mancini takes it off to run for cover by changing form. (from 43 ‘ Luiz Felipe 5: there have been quieter beginnings, if nothing else he contributes with his entry to limit the damage by adding a man to the department)

Herds Mancini 4.5: During the reconstruction phase, we cannot even expect the moon, but the fool remedied tonight risks leaving heavy waste. Five steps back after three timid forwards made in the previous three games.

Curated by Federico Targetti

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