Genoa, Criscito non rientra nel progetto: via libera al capitano

What did not happen in the spring may happen in the summer.

EPILOGUE – After the incredible soap opera lived last March, when the streets of Genoa and Mimmo Criscito seemed inexorably destined to separate only to continue to proceed parallel until the end of May, now the long love story between the Griffin and its captain is really going to make it to the end credits.
Despite an important season finale in which the Neapolitan defender has shown on the pitch that he can still be very useful to the rossoblù cause and the repeated public declarations of loyalty to the team that raised him and launched him in great football, now Criscito no longer seems to be part of the company’s plans.

DOWNLOADED – According to what he wrote this morning The XIX centuryin recent days the rossoblù management would have clearly explained to the player that for him there will be no space in the Genoa of the future, despite the fact that the parties are still formally linked by a year of contract. A somewhat unexpected epilogue that somehow overturns what had happened just a few months ago. Giving up on Toronto’s millionaire proposal that would take him overseas as early as March, the captain had decided not to abandon the rossoblù ship in the middle of the storm, trying to make his contribution to bring it back to the waterline. Attempt was in vain but it had nevertheless highlighted the deep bond nurtured by the boy towards Genoa. A sentiment which, in the light of recent developments, appears to be unrequited.

FUTURE – It now remains to understand what will become of the player. At the dawn of the 36 springs, Criscito has nevertheless shown that he is still able to speak out about him at important levels, as evidenced by the eight goals of the last season that made him vice-top scorer of the Griffin. The most probable hypothesis for him remains the move to Canada, where, among other things, he would find his friend and fellow countryman Lorenzo Insigne, admitted and not granted that the Toronto proposal is still valid. But it cannot be ruled out that several A clubs may give him a thought, attracted by the possibility of awarding a player with almost guaranteed experience and performance.

What is certain is that, if the divorce really materializes, the long love story between Genoa and its captain will not know the best of epilogues.

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