Gattuso: 'Non sono razzista, credo nella libertà e voglio essere giudicato per il mio lavoro. Milan? Ho rinunciato a 5 milioni e mezzo...'

Gennaro Gattuso it was told in a long interview with Corriere della Serastarting from the accusations of racism in the last few days: “I’m not as they describe me on social networks, these accusations make me suffer”.

NO TO RACISM – “You take statements from different years, isolate them from the context and set up trials with the aim of delegitimizing a person, a life. Courts are serious things: someone accuses, someone defends, someone judges. Here the technological scaffold breaks down and defines sentences without the possibility of appeal. I’m not a social type. If they call me Growl, there must be a reason. I don’t go hunting for easy consents, I don’t play nice on command. I am one who works, who has always worked, who has worked so hard and who is grateful to life for what he has given him. When I hear that I’m a racist, I feel like I’m going crazy. No person, ever, can be judged by the color of their skin. I know many with white skin who don’t behave well. Racism must always be fought. I coached dozens of players who had different skin from mine, three of them work in my restaurant, I had teammates whom I loved. For me it doesn’t matter the color of the skin, the person counts. His honesty, his loyalty. “

THE MARRIAGE POLEMIC – Another sentence contested in Gattuso dates back to 2008, when the midfielder at Milan at the time said that for him, a Catholic, marriage is between a man and a woman: “But then I added that for me everyone is free to do as they want. And that’s exactly what I think. Any freedom, including that of sexual behavior, is welcome, it is a sign of progress. “Then the sentence about women and their ability to manage football, in relation to Barbara Berlusconi:” No, absolutely not. In every field, women do as and better than men. They are proving it in governments, in companies, in every sector. The more women have responsibilities, the better off it will be. I’ll add one thing, which can explain my state of mind that day: I consider Galliani as the best person I’ve met in football. He always knew the right thing at the right time. ”

THE HEAD TO JORDAN – During the interview with Corriere, Gattuso returns to the episode of the newspaper in Jordan, during a Champions League match between Milan and Tottenham: “I made a mistake and I’m ashamed of it. That’s something I did. It was an unjustifiable mistake. Of course. , I could say that they are field things. But instead I’m ashamed of it. I have a fourteen-year-old son, she believes that I am not ashamed in front of him for that madness, when she rightly asks me for an account “.

GOODBYE TO AC MILAN – Gattuso also returns to the end of his experience on the Milan bench and on giving up a lot of money to allow the payment of his staff: “I am very grateful to Milan. If I am what I am, I owe it to that company, to those colors that I have always loved. I didn’t want to be a burden and I wanted to go away on tiptoe “. The figure? “Five and a half million net. One part went to pay the staff who otherwise, with my exit, would have remained on foot and it was not fair. But it didn’t bother me that much. AC Milan, as a player and as a coach, transformed my life. I cannot forget when, after the victory in the 1990 Championships, my father took me to parade in the town with the Rossoneri shirt on. I was proud to wear it, although obviously it was a replica, not an original. “Something similar to what happened in Pisa:” No, I just put the money there, out of my own pocket. But I was happy. We had hit an unexpected and beautiful promotion to Serie B and the club was in difficulty. “

HEALTH – “Here too I have never hidden anything. I have, like many people, an autoimmune disease called ocular myasthenia. I have suffered from it for some time but it is absolutely under control and does not involve any limitation to my work. I have no obstacles, so much so that I have always trained. And not bad. Even in Naples, where I coached great players in a great club. “

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