Juve, Gatti un esempio per chi gioca in Serie D. La situazione con i procuratori

Dear Attorney,

I am a former mid-level footballer, having played between Promotion and Excellence. Today I am a scout for a prosecutor who has just started, fresh off license, but with a great desire to do well in football. We are beating all the suburban fields in search of a Federico Gatti of the situation to launch in professionalism. We are, however, realizing that already in amateurs the players all have the agent! How is it possible that they have an agent if they are not yet professional footballers? (this is the first question). The second may seem naive, but I ask anyway: are we wasting our time scouting among amateurs? Scout2001

Dear Scout2001, We thank you for your email, because Federico Gatti’s great adventure must really make all the professionals think (observers, sports directors and sports agents) and not only on how important it is not to prematurely fail young players only because they do not belong to noble professional clubs; the path and growth of each individual player is neither predictable nor classifiable in rigid statistical forecasts, so – answering the second question not at all naive – I do not think it is a waste of time to sift, in parallel with the scouting in the youth sectors, the so-called minor championships with the warning that the observation of the players takes place through correct evaluation parameters, such as playing times, technique and character.

From a legal-footballing point of view – to answer the first question – it should be noted that amateur footballers are unlikely to be bound by signing representation mandates as the collaborations between agents and players are mainly based on the trust accorded with “vigorous” handshakes. It should be noted, however, that a non-professional footballer and an Agentas an alternative to the aforementioned handshakes that leave the time they find, they can sign real representation mandates; the latter cease automatically if the player does not acquire professional status within 8 months following the signing of the mandates. In practice, if a non-professional player does not sign a contract with the professionals within 8 months, the representation mandate will no longer be effective.

But now I pass the ball to the users of CalcioMercato.com: Federico Gatti Is it an exception or are there other players from amateur football who could emulate his exploits?

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