Garmin Forerunner 255, we have tested it for you

Garmin Forerunner 255 shows up in two sizes to fit all types of wrists, and in two versions – with or without music – for a total of 8 models dedicated to those who choose running as a lifestyle or to compete in the most prestigious races. There battery has been improved to get up to 30 hours with GPS on and up to 14 days in smartwatch mode.

The new 255 is more accurate in satellite reception thanks to the multi-band systemespecially useful for those who run in the city or woods, and the detection of 4 ^ generation physiological and cardiac metrics. The 255/255 Music Series offers free training plans Garmin Coach and a wide range of sporting activities including the new triathlon profile or the combined for those who love running and not only or must recover from an injury with swimming training (swimming pool or open water) and bikes.

Forerunner 955 and 955 Solar series: the novelties of the smartwatch designed for triathletes
The new ones Garmin Forerunner 955 and 955 Solar acquire the dual mode of interaction thanks to the combination of traditional and popular buttons that flank the innovative touch screen, which also houses solar charging on the Solar version to increase battery life up to 49 hours in mode GPS. With the new multi-band GPS system and integrated color cartography, you can track your route safely and with unprecedented accuracy.

New features
Along with the popular Training Status and Training Load features, the Forerunner 255/255 Music delivers the new figure of the Acute Load which, through a graph, provides the optimal range within which to position oneself to maintain the best physical shape in view of a Personal Best to overcome, in addition to HRV Status that tracks heart rate variability while you sleep, giving you an even more detailed snapshot of overall well-being measured in milliseconds.

The innovative Race widget brings together all the information on preparation for a competition, such as performance forecast, weather of the day and countdown, in a single screen.

There is also the function on the Forerunner 955 series Training Readiness which offers guidance on how far you can push in the next workout.

It certainly ranks among the most innovative functions Real-Time Stamina that uses the data to know the energy tank and manage the effort avoiding an overload in training. Forerunner 955, as well as Forerunner 255, also features Running Power which allows to obtain a continuous measurement of the running power directly on the wrist when the instrument is associated with the HRM-Pro ™ heart rate monitor or al Running Dynamics Pod. Also on the 955 series, it’s even easier to take your performance to the next level by automatically synchronizing indoor and outdoor workouts from Garmin Connect ™, from the Tacx training app and other third party platforms.

On the wrist in everyday life
The improved wellness features of the two innovative series allow you to see the morning report, a detailed health picture with sleep data, blood oxygenation, body battery and HRV status1.

Designed to be worn all day, they also include advanced health and wellness features. Pulse Ox on the wrist monitors blood oxygen saturation levels, providing a clearer picture of sleep and altitude acclimatization.

Furthermore, confirmed on the 955 model and for the first time on the 255 series, the contactless payment system Garmin Pay2 makes the watch an indispensable companion not only during physical activity but also in everyday life, from dinner to restaurant to shopping before returning home, without ever having to take out a wallet or smartphone from your pocket or purse.

The Forerunner 255 Music series now lets you insert up to 500 songs (2000 for the 955 series) directly into the watch memory or to listen to the Spotify®, Amazon Music and Deezer playlists (subscription plan may be required) through Bluetooth® wireless headphones (sold separately).

The safety and tracking functions ensure peace of mind during training by sending the athlete’s real-time position to selected emergency contacts or an automatic message in the event of an accident. While cycling indoors, a Tacx® smart trainer can be controlled via ANT + ® technology directly from the watch for route simulation, automatic resistance change and training tips when using courses or workouts.

1 The data and information provided by these devices are intended as a rough estimate of the activity and metrics being tracked, but may not be precisely accurate.
2 Check currently supported countries, payment network and banking institution compatibility information.

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