Galliani: 'Con Barbara Berlusconi situazione ingestibile, ma rimasi per Berlusconi. Van Basten, che colpo! Sulla cessione del Milan vi dico che...'

Adriano Galliani, current CEO of Monzaspoke in a long interview to the microphones of the Corriere della Sera. The former CEO of the Milan spoke about his past, al Milanto the Monzaand the relationship with Berlusconi.

WHEN LIFE HAS CHANGED – «I remember it as it was now: November 1, 1979. Berlusconi invited me to dinner in Arcore. He asked me if with my Elettronica Industriale, a small company that brought the signal of foreign televisions to Italy (Telemontecarlo and Swiss TV) I was able to build three national networks. I said yes. He replied: “Well, you do the price”. He paid a billion of the old lire for 50% of my company: the figure I never revealed to anyone. However, since I was co-owner of the team, I added: “I am available to work day and night to build the goals, but I have to be able to follow Monza at home and away “. Berlusconi looked at me dazed“.

THE SALE OF AC MILAN – «This is a question that must be asked of Silvio Berlusconi. I am the object and not the subject. I am a sportsman and I put all my skills to the service of this goal. But the decisions to buy and sell Milan, like that to buy Monza, are exclusively the president’s ».

MONZA-AC MILAN, WHO SUPPORTS – «I would cheer for the team that the moment needed points the most. Monza has been in my heart since I was born. I lived at Milan for 31 years. It is clear that they are two very great loves ».

ANCELOTTI – «Do you think I have just been to Seville for your son’s wedding. In 2001 he was going to Calisto Tanzi to sign with Parma. At Milan we decide to change coach: I call Ancelotti. He said to me: “I gave the floor to Tanzi”. The next morning I went to Carlo’s house. It was the first time in my life that we had breakfast with lambrusco, culatello, salami and parmesan. And we convinced him“.

BETTER MARKET SHOT – «Well, eight Golden Balls have passed from Milan … But the strongest player is certainly Marco Van Basten. Ariedo Braida understood that it was a phenomenon. We went to Amsterdam several times to see him with Berlusconi: Luigi’s father was also there. We realized that he was great. While the nicest thing was Gullit. August 1986, we were in Bermuda. At one point the president said: “Tonight Milan will play a quadrangular in Barcelona”. We took the plane and flew there. Berlusconi, as a showman, immediately noticed this PSV giant, with great stage presence: with braids, colored, he was the defender. The president went crazy: “We have to get it!”. But in 1986 it was not possible to buy foreign players. A year of courtship and in 1987 we succeeded, after a very long negotiation ».

WHEN BERLUSCONI GET ANGRY – «Definitely (smiles, ed). I remember when Franco Tatò was CEO of Fininvest. The group was quite indebted and, before going public, it put a big brake on it: all investments had to be approved in advance by him. He sent a letter to say: stop. That evening I bought Marcel Desailly, 10 billion lire, unbeknownst to everyone. I was in hiding for a few days, because I had done the operation without notifying the president. But Boban got hurt and it was the only year in which we won the Championship and the Champions Cup ».

BARBARA BERLUSCONI – «I resigned. I could have gone to China. Berlusconi called me in Arcore in the evening and I told him that a two-headed Milan was unmanageable. “I’ll find a solution,” he mediated. It was the day Alfano left Forza Italia. And Silvio said to me: “Today Angelino is gone, you can’t go too”. I replied: “I obey”, like a new Garibaldi“.

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