Zerbin, dalla Serie C alla Nazionale in 377 giorni: ora sogna il Napoli e la fascia di Insigne. Il futuro...

It is a hot summer in Naples with many heavy starts, among which that of the now former captain Insigne stands out. He has arrived to replace the winger of the Italian national team Kvaratskheila, Georgian born in 2001 from whom a lot is expected. However, Napoli has Alessio at home Zerbinlast year on loan to Frosinone.

The attacker showed off with 9 goals and 3 assists but above all he was the real driver of the Lazio team. In his season, however, the recent and much talked about debut in the senior national team in the final minutes of the Nations League match against Hungary stands out. However, Zerbin is not the only blue to have made his debut in a national team last month. Gianluca Gaetano and Alessandro Zanoli they became protagonists with Nicolato’s U21 national team, the first also finding the 3-0 goal in the match against the same age in Luxembourg. The season of Gaetano it was a crescendo, ending with the unexpected promotion of his Cremonese to Serie A, scoring 7 goals and 5 assists, with performances always above average.

The boy had already jumped in the eyes of Ancelotti who in 2019 made him debut first in the Italian Cup and in the league, and to follow in the Champions League against the Belgian team of Genk, on the day of his exemption.

The only one of the three to have already joined the first team is Alessandro Zanoli, born in 2000, who bewitched Spalletti in the last summer training camp, convincing him to keep him in the squad as an alternative to Di Lorenzo. The full-back was ready when Di Lorenzo was injured in the final part of the season, with twelve appearances in Serie A and one in the Europa League. Performances that earned him the U21 call-up, with consequent debut in the same match as his teammate Gaetano.

The three will meet in July in the Napoli summer retreat, where they will try to snatch a reconfirmation in the Spalletti squad. If for Zerbin there is the void left by Insigne, for Gaetano there is a lot of competition, with a midfield department that sees players like Fabian Ruiz, Zielinski, Anguissa and Lobotka. However, age and quality are on their side and given the seasons they have played, dreaming of a confirmation in the blue jersey is not a utopia.

After the painful farewell of a son of Naples like Insigne, the Azzurri could find the future captain at home, who arrived from the Primavera just as it was for Lorenzo years ago.

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