Da operaio a 'dopo Chiellini', tra Italia e Juve: la favola del 'vichingo' Gatti

In the field he is a rocky type, strong, rough and also hard. An old-fashioned defender, one of those who catch the opponent in the first minute of a match and try not to let him breathe until the final whistle of the referee. Outside Federico Gatti is anything but. A tender, sweet boy who is moved when he thinks back to his beginningsto the alarms at 7 in the morning, to the days carrying windows up and down the stairs with the ball, even before football, in the evening. To the sacrifices his family made for him and the sacrifices he made for his family from a young age. And it is perhaps from there that he gets the characteristic that all those who speak with Federico even if only five minutes recognize him: the hunger.

MIDDLE WORKER – A ferocious determination. It takes a lot if you want to get high, as high as possible, starting from the bottom, as low as possible. Starting from the amateurs, from the Promotion and Excellence championships, to then take one more step every year. Often, it is said, to take a step forward you need to take a step back first. Well, for Gatti it’s really true: as a midfielder he had Gerrard and Lampard as models, in addition to the former AC Milan player Taarabt. The real turning point for his career, however, was thanks to a shift of about ten meters: from midfielder to central defender. From there another life began, the window and door construction work, or the days at the market to help the family and the father who had lost his job became just a memory. From there began the run-up.

HURRY CLIMBING – From Excellence with Pavarolo to D in Verbania, one year after C, professional football, with Pro Patria. Less than 12 months and the leap to Serie B in Frosinone, after you are Juventus, who challenges and beats Turin and Naples and invests a total of 10 million euros for him. Guido Angelozzi, who brought him to Serie B, defined him “a mix between Bonucci and Chiellini“, he for the moment of the now former Juventus and blue captain he inherited the national team jersey. The number 3, on his debut against England, when he was recognized by all as one of the best in the field. Fear and emotion does not know what they are, ambition and the desire to break through yes. The next goal is called Juvewhich will take him to retreat to have Massimiliano Allegri assessed. From life as a worker to the National team and beyond, Federico’s tale is not over yet.

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